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Are You A Dreamer Or A Doer?


We all know what we need to do.

We all have ideas for companies, products, services, events, or workshops that would be really fun to create, change the world, or make us lots of money.

We all want to run marathons, start non-profits, date beautiful women, and swim in piles of money like Uncle Scrooge.

Yes, we’re all dreamers.

Few of us are doers.

Lately I’ve just been doing. Throwing things out to the world with reckless abandon.

Sometimes they are awesome. And sometimes they are not so awesome. But I always learn something from the process.

Here’s some stuff I’ve thrown out to the world in the past month.

  • A free workshop for World Domination Summit attendees on authentic relating. I’ll be co-facilitating with Ev’Yan Whitney from Sex, Love, Liberation and 80 lucky attendees will walk away ready to take on the weekend with an open heart and an open mind. Click here to sign up.
  • An “After Party After The After Party” for WDS attendees. I’m teaming up with Maneesh Sethi to throw a late night dance party for 200 WDS attendees at The Rose Bar. Details to come soon.
  • An application to watch Pam Slim live in San Francisco for her Creative Live event. I’ll be one of the six audience members for this three day live event for entrepreneurs. And I can’t think of anyone else who I’d rather be in a room with for three days. So excited to be there. Love you Pam!
  • The Trailblazer’s Retreat that I’m speaking at in Costa Rica. There are still a couple spots left if you’re interested.
  • Applications to speak at various events around the country. Some of them will pan out, some of them won’t.
  • Invitations to connect with local entrepreneurs any time I’m in a different city. Sometimes 5 people show up, sometimes 20 people show up. But it’s always good times and good conversations.
  • A 48 hour road trip to Las Vegas and Zion National Park with two “strangers” who both met me online which turned into one of the best guys’ weekends ever.
  • Compliments and praise to beautiful women, people I admire, and friends who I love.
  • This blog post, even though it’s not the best thing I’ve ever written.
  • And a new LIVE web series on Google Hangouts with Jonathan Mead where we have real conversations with real entrepreneurs around real topics. It’s going to be live, uncut, and raw. Our first episode will be in less than a month.

I’m getting to the point where I just do.

David and I are starting our day off with five minute huddle meetings to plan our day. Then we’re writing an email to each other at the end of the day with a five minute recap of the day. Ten minutes of self awareness for several hours of focused work. Not a bad trade off.

I’m not holding onto blog posts or status updates when I have a breakthrough or have something important to share. I just put it out there and move on, ready for the next one.

I’m not holding onto business ideas anymore, I just implement or scrap the idea to free up mental space.

If I need to do something, I just do it.

If I want something, I just ask.

And if I think of an idea that will make me money, make me happy, or make the world a better place I just do it.

Right there, right now.

So tell me? Are you a dreamer or a doer?

  • Max Mendoza

    Great post Mike. You continue to be an inspiration & source of strength. Proud of you Soul Brotha!

  • Andrew Szeto

    Ready, fire, aim :). In your case, it might even just be fire, fire, fire. Great stuff man, some people spend all their time getting ready and/or dreaming.

  • Not a heterosexual man

    Some of us don’t want to date beautiful women… Don’t leave us out of your audience.

  • Iris Espiritu

    I believe we are human be-ings – not do-ings, but this is a different kind of doing – it’s harnessing our being and launching it out in the world. Thanks for the reminder, it’s encouraging to know that the dream does not have to be executed perfectly, it just has to be manifested.

  • Optimistic Discontent

    Just found your blog and this post is exactly the kind of stuff I need to read every day to keep moving forward. Subscribed.

    • Optimistic Discontent

      Oops. Didn’t mean to post that giant picture.

      • Mike Hrostoski

        I like it. It’s like you rolled through and tagged my wall.

  • Lianda Swain

    Ah! I am so glad that i found your blog! I’ve been learning radical honesty and DOING lately and this has really inspired me. What usually holds me back from just doing is wondering a) if i should be doing something else b) if I’m wasting my time c) the outcome and if it’s worth it d) if it’s the right thing to do e) that I can’t trust myself to know what’s worth spending time on because most things i want to do won’t bring me money right away or possibly ever! These thoughts usually prevent from doing because then the idea I have “feels” wrong. Just for today I am just going to DO… baby steps. Thank you so much!