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Overdeliver Because It’s Fun

Overdeliver Because It's Fun

I love to overdeliver.

On Sunday, six entrepreneurs are going to be moving into a mansion in Phoenix with Kyle, Nicky, and me for a week of upleveling in their lives and businesses at EXECUTE.

We sold them on a crap ton of stuff on our sales page. Special guests and bonuses galore. But once they were already committed and the money was in the bank, we continued working behind the scenes to give them more.

Karol Gajda agreed to do an extra session for them and fly out a day early to help them on their businesses.

Noah Kagen from AppSumo agreed to come fly out for a day to work with our Executors. Yeah, that Noah Kagen. Pretty fucking awesome.

We didn’t have to. But we wanted to. Why?

Because delighting people is fun!

I’m always on the lookout for ways to make people smile, laugh, or feel appreciated. It’s best delivered when someone least expects it. Or when they need it the most, but don’t even know it.

I don’t have to. You don’t have to.

But it’s fun!

And if it doesn’t involve love or fun, what’s the point?


PS – The Conference For Men is no exception. Expect the unexpected.

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  • Razwana

    LOVE this, Mike. I’ve been following the happs in the mansion (not by hiding out in the bushes – through the power of Facebook) and it’s all unfolding rather nicely!

    Over delivering and adding a few surprises (in my case, the latter means hand-written cards in the post to my clients) – th cornerstone to a business to love.