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Lead With Your Soul

Lead With Your Soul

I was talking to Lisa this morning over breakfast about a man who she met while sitting in first class on a recent flight.

He was a multi-millionaire in his fifties and within the first couple of minutes he was talking about his companies and showing her pictures of his private plane.

It’s a mistake that I see men make all the time.

Leading with their money instead of leading with their soul.

If your money and possessions are the first things that you lead with in a conversation with the opposite sex, then you will attract women who are interested in money and possessions.

I’ll hear men say things like, “women only want me for my money.” But then spend any time with them out in a social setting and that’s all they talk about. Their companies, their vacations, their cars.

There’s nothing wrong with leading with money. It works. Like a charm.

Buying bottle service works. Buying a fancy car works. Wearing fancy clothes works.

But what do you want to attract into your life?

Personally, I want to attract women into my life who make me feel alive. Who make me feel appreciated. Who love all of me, even the not so shiny parts.

I want a partner, not a play thing.

And the approach to attracting women like that are totally different than what you’ve been taught all of your life.

It’s speaking your truth in every moment.

It’s appreciating beauty.

It’s being vulnerable about your feelings, fears, and fuckups.

It’s putting your walls down and showing her the real you.

It’s being yourself. All of yourself.

It’s leading with your soul.

I know. It’s scary.

But leading with your soul allows her to lead with hers. Which is all she really wants anyway.

Love, appreciation, support, safety.

That’s all any of us want in the long term.

  • Kevin Diamond

    Like this. Love this one Mike.

    “Everything that shows up in your life is a perfect reflection of How you show up in the world”

    You couldn’t nail the law of attraction better.

    But not acknowledging your truth, not sharing it or living by it. Not expressing it in a conversation. You are oppressing it. And therefore you can’t attract it.

    Good stuff man — hope Thailand is treating you well! Much love