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Setting The Baseline

8:31pm. I walk into the door of my apartment after spending the past thirteen hours in a suit. Unlike most of my friends in the blogosphere, I still have a… Read On

Hurricane Irene Floods Bridgewater Township

Hurricane Irene: No Power, No Problem

Having grown up in Arizona, I really don’t know a lot about natural disasters. I didn’t even know that people had basements until I moved to Ohio for grad school. And up… Read On

So Icey

Olympic Skeleton: Taking Life Face First At 65 MPH

This past February, I spent a week at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY at a training camp for the US Skeleton program. If you haven’t heard of… Read On

Sunset off of Chick's Beach

The List Of Adventure

What would you do if you were given a month to live? Really think about that question for a while. Imagine the conversation with your doctor. Think of your first… Read On


Momstoski Road Trip: The Movie

The movie is done! Thanks to David for taking our hours of raw footage from the trip and painstakingly editing them into this 40 minute short film. All those hours… Read On