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Do That One Thing

Every morning since March 1, Max Nachamkin and I have been calling each other at 7:30am for a 5-10 minute check-in meeting. During that meeting we give each other a brief update… Read On

10 Things I Learned From EXECUTE

Wow, we actually did it. We created an ultra high-end retreat for six entrepreneurs by playing around with the question, “What would the ultimate retreat look like?” We lived in… Read On

Overdeliver Because It’s Fun

I love to overdeliver. On Sunday, six entrepreneurs are going to be moving into a mansion in Phoenix with Kyle, Nicky, and me for a week of upleveling in their… Read On

The Raw Truth About Entrepreneurship

Jonathan Mead and I just launched a new show called The Raw Truth About Entrepreneurship. The first episode is here. Jonathan Mead is also one of my coaching clients. Jonathan and… Read On

Step Into Your Greatness

I’m not a humble person. The word humble actually makes me a little sick. Let’s look at the dictionary definition of humble: Marked by meekness or modesty in behavior, attitude, or spirit;… Read On