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The Most Important Video Of My Life

This is the most important video of my life. Why? Because I said so. I like to play games. Fun and creativity is a superpower that we all have, but… Read On

Life Is Art

Life Is Art, Not A Report Card

Liz and I are reading one chapter of The Way Of The Superior Man before bedtime and then going over the main points of the chapter together. It goes along… Read On


I’m Here To Teach Or Learn

So… you want to hang out? Have something to teach me or be open to learning. Share with me your deepest gifts that make you unique or open up your… Read On

When All You Want Is Nothing

When All You Want Is Nothing

I just wrapped up another amazing road trip adventure with David all over the West Coast. It was one of the most intense months of my life. David got stung by… Read On


Sucking Titties: A Path To Enlightenment

The following is a chapter from my upcoming second book: “July: If It Doesn’t Involve Love Or Fun, What’s The Point?” July 9, 2014 Today most of us live better… Read On