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Sunday, May 11 8:40pm: Starbucks, Point Loma, CA I used to be a rapper. In high school and college I would participate in online rap battles on websites like and… Read On

Be Outrageous With Your Ask

When I taught the Business Fundamentals class (public speaking, ethics, and corporate social responsibility) at Ohio State I used to always end every quarter with my version of the Last… Read On

I Have No Shame

Today I’m teaching a three hour workshop on Sex here at the Trailblazer’s Retreat at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa in Costa Rica. The workshop schedule just says “Sex… Read On

Just Click The Button

I’ve had some amazing growth experiences in the past two years. Monumental shifts in consciousness, mindset, and awareness. And they all started with a click of the button. And every… Read On

I Am A Writer

I am a writer. I didn’t know I was until very recently. English is my second language. I spoke Japanese until I was five. Then I went to kindergarten and… Read On