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How I Hacked An NBC Casting Call Using Copywriting

Two weeks ago, David and I were sitting in Los Angeles meeting with NBC executives for a new reality TV show called Bear Grylls Adventure. We never went to a… Read On

2012 Annual Review: Did That Just Happen?

Staring head into the last few days and nights of 2012, I can’t help but feel a great sense of gratitude for the past year. I spent part of the… Read On

Announcing Skip Winter 2013!

Last year I went to a week long retreat that drastically altered the course of my life. It was pure joy, play, awesomesauce, entrepreloving, rainbows and unicorns. I wrote about… Read On

Seeking Truth At The World Domination Summit

Note: This is a repost from A Summer To Serve, my home for the next month. David and I just spent a week in Portland as volunteers for the World Domination… Read On

The 40 Best Reasons To Visit New York City

In late March of this year I suddenly found myself without a girlfriend, a place to live, and any idea of where I was going to spend my next seven… Read On