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Momstoski Road Trip Day 2: Boston Fun

Today was a long and fun filled day in Boston, MA. We started at the USS Constitution, walked the entire Freedom Trail, and finished up our day at Fenway Park. So far we’ve spread my mother’s ashes in seven locations:

1. At the Vans Warped Tour in Oceanport, New Jersey
2. In front of the Somerville, NJ Borough Office building
3. Off of the back of the USS Constitution (Boston)
4. Up 294 steps and down the shaft of the Bunker Hill Monument (Boston)
5. Off of the Charlestown Bridge and into the Charles River (Boston)
6. At the site of the Boston Massacre
7. Into the Charles River just outside of Paul Revere Park overlooking the Charles River Bridge at sunset (Boston)

It has only been three days so far, but we have already taken hundreds of pictures and captured a good deal of video. When the whole trip is over, David is going to use his video editing skills to put together a short film. David was the co-director of his high school’s video announcements and he has created some really good work. I am looking forward to seeing the final product.

A majority of the time I carry around my point-and-shoot digital camera with me. I tend to take a lot of pictures because I find it is a good way to document my life. Sometimes instead of watching television or a movie, I’ll just go through some photo galleries from the not-so-distant past and get the joy of reliving the experience again. I post a decent amount of pictures online, but the majority of them I keep for my personal collection.

Instead of watching images on the television, why not create your own images worth watching again?

After a long day of walking around Boston, we went to the grocery store for some snacks. Remember how I said earlier that David and I are the exact same person, but only 12 years apart? Here’s the results from our blood pressure readings. David’s is first.

David's Blood PressureMichael's Blood Pressure

We couldn’t make that up if we tried. And I can honestly now say that I have better blood pressure than an active 17 year old.

Anyway, we’ll continue to send real time updates via my Twitter account using the #Momstoski hashtag. Follow along with our adventures and feel free to even suggest a few spots along on the roadmap.