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Momstoski Road Trip Final Statistics

4100 miles of love

4100 miles of love

Yesterday David and I wrapped up the Momstoski Road Trip. It was an incredible three weeks of my life that I will never forget. Thank you to everyone who hosted us, spent time with us, or followed us online. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without your support.

Here are some of the final statistics from our trip:

Miles driven:  4100 (4130 to be exact)

Miles walked: Over 100

States/Provinces visited: 19 (New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Quebec, Ontario, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania)

Locations where we spread our mother’s ashes: 40

  1. Vans Warped Tour  Oceanport, New Jersey
  2. Borough Office Building  Somerville, NJ
  3. U.S.S. Constitution  Boston, MA
  4. Bunker Hill Monument  Boston, MA
  5. Charlestown Bridge  Boston, MA
  6. The Site of the Boston Massacre  Boston, MA
  7. Charles River  Boston, MA
  8. Franconia Notch State Park  Lincoln, NH
  9. Orleans, Vermont  Population: 826
  10. Overlooking a lake in Sherbrooke, Quebec.
  11. Jardin Botanique  Montreal, QC
  12. Japanese Flag at Montreal Olympic Park  Montreal, QC
  13. Basilique Notre-Dame de Montreal  Montreal, QC
  14. Summit of Mount Royal  Montreal, QC
  15. Lake Ontario  Toronto, ON
  16. Courtyard Marriott Overlooking Toronto  Toronto, ON
  17. Niagara Falls Cliff Edge  Ontario, Canada
  18. Horseshoe Falls Niagara Falls  Ontario, Canada
  19. Greenfield Village/Henry Ford Museum  Dearborn, MI
  20. Fred Beekman Park/Ohio State University  Columbus, OH
  21. Kings Island Amusement Park  Cincinnati, OH
  22. Camp Livingstone Park  Indian Hill, OH
  23. Mammoth Cave National Park  Mammoth Cave, KY
  24. Drum Circle  Asheville, NC
  25. Atlantic Ocean  Sullivan’s Island, SC
  26. The Main Pier  Folly Beach, SC
  27. Pier 14  Myrtle Beach, VA
  28. Chick’s Beach  Virginia Beach, VA
  29. The Governor’s Palace  Colonial Williamsburg, VA
  30. The Lincoln Memorial  Washington, DC
  31. The White House  Washington, DC
  32. The National Mall  Washington, DC
  33. The Liberty Bell  Philadelphia, PA
  34. The Declaration House  Philadelphia, PA
  35. Elfreth’s Alley  Philadelphia, PA
  36. The Brooklyn Bridge  New York, NY
  37. The Staten Island Ferry  New York, NY
  38. Federal Hall National Monument  New York, NY
  39. Times Square  New York, NY
  40. It’s a secret! Find out soon.

Friends who hosted us: 12 (Two new friends from

New friends made on the trip: Dozens

Nights spent in a hotel: 3 (Toronto, Charleston, DC)

Total money spent on lodging: Less than $100

Longest day of driving: 9 hours (Cincinnati, OH to Mammoth Cave National Park to Asheville, NC)

Beaches visited: 6 (Sullivan’s Island, Folly Beach, Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, Chick’s Beach, Seaside Heights)

Favorite new food: Poutine (Montreal, QC)

Thrill rides ridden at Kings Island: All of them

Major hailstorms driven through: 1 (Northern Ohio)

Arguments between David and I: Zero

Pictures taken: Over 1500 (See a collection at

Video taken: Hours (Currently being edited by David into a documentary)

Total costs: Doesn’t matter

Regrets: Zero

Good memories: More than I can count

If there’s one thing that this trip reminded me, it’s that we only have one life to live. So get living! Turn off the TV, get out of the house, explore the world, connect with others, build relationships, learn new skills, create something your proud of, give back to those in need, and celebrate the beautiful life you live. And if you’re one of those who are lucky enough to still have their moms in their life, give her a call. Or an email. Or a hug.

Tomorrow I’ll be integrating myself back into society. I am eager to get back to work and on a regular schedule. It’s been a blessing getting to spend so much quality time with David, but I’m ready to get back to creating value in the world.

Stay tuned for the release of the Momstoski Road Trip documentary. David has been working on it for the past two days straight and so far it looks like another great piece of work.

Cheers to you mommy

Cheers to you mommy