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Homeless In New York City

3:22am: Time For Adventure

Saturday night I went into New York City to meet my dear friend Kym who I met in Portland over beers and bungee jumps. Kym’s what you would call a “creative catalyst.” Without her insights and gentle prodding, Adventures in Personal Development would probably still be an idea floating around in my head.

On a whim, I met up with her and some of her awesome friends and had quite an interesting night. To make a long story short, I ended up homeless in New York City for the night and spent the time eating, drinking, connecting, exploring, and observing.

Over the course of twelve hours, I went from hanging out with around 20 Asians in Chinatown, to eating pig ear tacos with homeless people in Union Square Park, to taking an hour long nap in Penn Station, to being on an early morning, self-guided photography tour of NYC.

Depending on the weekend, sometimes I’ll go into things with every detail figured out and sometimes I’ll walk in blindly with nothing more but an open schedule and an open mind. This weekend was definitely a case of the latter.

At around 6:30am as I was climbing up a fence to get a better camera angle the irony of the situation struck me. Exactly 12 days earlier I had written the following in a blog post in reference to the film Yes Man: “Granted, I’ll probably never find myself in a 6am jogging/photography class high on a case of Red Bull after a night on the town with an Asian male Registered Nurse, but I’m open to the opportunity.”

Here I was on a 6am walking/photography tour with a healthy amount of caffeine in me after a night on the town with Asian males and females. Not exactly the same but pretty darn close. I actually laughed out loud when I made that connection.

All in all it was a fun night and a good test run for spending a week on the streets in the future.