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Just Say Yes, Man!

Biltmore House? Yes!

Here’s how I often find myself jumping into the next adventure…

Friend: Hey Mike, do you want to _____________ this weekend? (insert crazy activity here that 95% of people wouldn’t ever think of doing)

Me: Hell yes!

I recently rewatched the movie Yes Man and I had to chuckle at some of the similarities between my life and that of Jim Carrey’s main character. In the past year alone, I’ve said yes to: running a half marathon with no training, taking gymnastics lessons, going to the Olympic skeleton training camp, running a Tough Mudder race, jumping out of an airplane, bungee jumping, and taking numerous last minute trips across the United States.

This past weekend I booked a last minute plane ticket to North Carolina through a special and explored the Biltmore House, went wine tasting, made friends with some animals at a farm, and climbed to the top of Chimney Rock. I also crossed white water rafting off of The List of Adventure by taking a ride through the white waters of the Nantahala River. Why? The opportunity presented itself and I simply said yes.

Bear in mind that being open to opportunity is different from not being able to say no. I obviously don’t say yes to every request that I receive, otherwise I’d never get any sleep. If it’s something that sounds interesting though that I’ve never done, there’s a good chance I’ll find myself tagging along for another great adventure.

Saying yes also demonstrates to the world that you are open to new experiences. I rarely make plans ahead of time but find myself doing something awesome every weekend. My friends know that I’m someone who will likely say yes if given an option to do something fun, so I get lots of calls, emails, texts and Facebook event invites. We all know the friend who says no to anything and everything that we suggest, and after a while they unfortunately stop getting invited. Don’t be that friend.

Granted, I’ll probably never find myself in a 6am jogging/photography class high on a case of Red Bull after a night on the town with an Asian male Registered Nurse, but I’m open to the opportunity (movie reference if you’re totally confused).

And what’s the worst that could possibly happen? You might meet some new friends, find a new passion in life, or have an epic story that you’ll be telling to your grandkids.

Just say yes.