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30 Ways To Have More Fun Right Now (with video)

I have many life mottos and beliefs that I’ve accumulated over the years that help me live a rich, purposeful, joyful life. They shape the way that I see the world and help me get the best possible results while focusing on what’s important. One of these core beliefs that I have is:

“If it doesn’t involve love or fun, what’s the point?”

It might sound silly or juvenile at first, but once internalized it’s a powerful reframe. Much of what you worry about disappears to the periphery. Relationships become richer and deeper. The world becomes your playground.

With that said, here are 30 ways to have more fun right now that I’ve painstakingly field tested for you in these first five weeks of 2012.

30. Play the Ultimate Werewolf game with 5+ of your friends (also known as Mafia). You’ll never look at your friends the same again.

29. Play miniature golf.

28. Create an obstacle course and race with your friends on who can get the fastest time.

27. Share a meal with your friends and talk about things that actually matter. Possible prompts: 1) What are your core values? 2) What three things do you look for in a significant other? 3) What are your non-negotiables in a relationship? 4) What one thing do you attribute all of your success to? 5) What are you excited about in the next 90 days?

26. Three words: Slip and Slide.

25. Have a silent dance party with your friends. First one to laugh loses.

24. Invent a game with your friends. Add more rules as the game progresses. Bonus if you include giant fitness balls.

23. Go somewhere that has a water slide. As you go down it, scream at the top of your lungs.

22. Lay in a hammock. Bonus for having someone swing you from side to side.

21. Go to a Zumba class. Bonus if you’re a dude. Triple Word Score if you’re a dude going with your girlfriend and her friends.

20. Jump around on a huge trampoline. Bonus for jumping around a friend (or friends) lying down in the middle of it.

19. Jump into a pool with all your clothes on.

18. Write a song from scratch. Bonus if you write it with a relative.

17. Go out to a dance club with your friends. “Dance like nobody’s watching” and completely sweat through your clothes. With the help of your friends, throw one of your friends up and down in the air (think Jewish wedding without the chair). Manage to not get kicked out by smiling at everyone and introducing yourself to anybody in a five foot proximity to you.

16. Play with a puppy.

15. Go on a long hike with someone you love. Enjoy incredible conversation without any distractions.

14. Create a day of field games with some of your friends. Dizzy bat relay, whiffle ball, wheelbarrow race, tug-of-war, egg toss, etc.

13. Eat a snowcone. Bonus if you make it yourself.

12. Have a photoshoot of yourself doing something that you love. Keep these around for when you’re feeling a little down.

11. Play one of the games for Xbox Kinect with a group of your friends (Dance Central 2, Michael Jackson: The Experience, etc). Bonus if you are in costume.

10. Make s’mores. Bonus if you make them for late-night.

9. Pretend you’re an elephant by blowing water into someone’s face by using one of those giant pool noodles. Bonus if they are fully clothed.

8. Invite awesome people over to your house for food, drinks, and great conversation. Bonus if several of them are meeting for the first time.

7. Walk around barefoot. Bonus for walking barefoot in the grass, sand or water.

6. Dress up in costume and go to an event were everybody else is dressed in business casual.

5. Wear suspenders. Trust me, you’ll immediately feel better.

4. Purposely book a flight with an extra-long layover to have lunch/drinks with a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time. Bonus for making it a “Sunday Funday.”

3. Get together with your childhood friends and laugh your faces off while reminiscing about old times.

2. Give hugs. Real hugs. Lots of real hugs.

1. Have an imaginary game of double dutch on stage at a crowded Las Vegas nightclub.

Can’t see the video? Click here.