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Nonstop Awesomeness

In the past I’ve had some awesome nights.

I’ve also had some awesome days.

On a rare occasion I had some awesome weeks. But never have I had a stretch of more than one or two weeks of awesome at a time.

Recently though, life has been nonstop awesomeness. Which is fitting because that’s the name of a blog that my friend Nathan writes (who I had the pleasure of hosting at my apartment in New Jersey a couple weeks ago, more on that later).

I don’t know how this all happened, but somehow I’ve stumbled into a life that is blowing away all expectations of what I once thought was possible. Every day I make conscious choices on how I want to spend my time. Every moment of the day I am living on purpose. And I am deeply grateful for it.

For the sake of brevity, here are some of the highlights of the past week:

  • Sold most of my stuff and donated over half of my closet to charity
  • Became location independent
  • Couchsurfed with the one and only Anthony Monetti (from MTV True Life fame) and learned a ton about nutrition and diet from him and his wife Karen
  • Took a road trip to Pittsburgh with some of my favorite people
  • Watched my friend Sean speak live at TEDxCMU in McConomy Auditorium (where Randy Pausch gave his famous Last Lecture)
  • Had an impromptu yoga photoshoot at the United States Army Heritage and Education Center
  • Performed roadtrip karaoke using Shazam’s LyricPlay feature on the iPhone app (it will change your life)
  • Attended a meetup of internet entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and other assorted game changers in NYC
  • Performed actual karaoke for the first time (and a second time) in front of a live audience in NYC
And tonight I’m leaving New York for Austin, TX to attend SXSW. I’m braving the 1745 mile roadtrip with Jenny and Sean and we have no plans on how we’re doing it, what route we are taking or where we are going to sleep.

Life does not suck.