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Good Enough, Go Go Go

Note: This is a repost from A Summer To Serve, my new home for the next four months.

One of my mottos when I was working in the corporate world was: Good enough, Go.

What that meant was that once something was good enough to be presented, sent for approval, or brought to my team, I would stop working on it. I would then start working on something else to get it to “good enough.”

Why just “good enough” though? Why didn’t I work until it was absolutely perfect?


1. Making something perfect takes the help of others.

No author writes a book on her own and then releases it without someone else taking a look at it first. No car, bridge, or building was built by one engineer locked up in an office for a month. Very few products and services are launched by one person creating it in a vacuum without any feedback from others.

Once you get something to “good enough,” share it with someone you trust. Quality of work increases dramatically by getting another set of eyes on it.

2. It’s better to put something into the world that’s good enough, than to never get it out because you’re trying to make it perfect.

Steve jobs summed this idea up eloquently in three words: “Real artists ship.”

You never know how your work will be received by the world unless you get it out there. It’s better to put something out there, get feedback on it, and iterate than it is to have it sit on the drawing board forever.

So that’s what we’re doing…


Creating a three month volunteer road trip completely from scratch has been quite a daunting task. In addition to figuring out where we are going exactly, we’ve been scrambling to secure places to stay and people to serve. David and I are keeping all of our prospective cities, places to stay, and volunteer opportunities on a master spreadsheet that is slowly starting to fill up.

It’s not 100% complete, but at this point we’ve determined it’s good enough. Which means it’s good enough to share to the world.

What’s going to get it to perfect?

Your help and a little luck.

We’ve already set up some amazing people, places, and organizations to serve along the way. We have dozens of emails out to many more, but there are still a good amount of days that aren’t filled yet. If you know of any people or organizations in the following cities who could use a little help this summer, please send them along our way.

Thanks again for all your help so far.




Here is the link to our Itinerary, which will likely change over time. But for now, here it is!

A Summer To Serve Itinerary

5/15/2012- New York, NY
5/16/2012- New York, NY
5/17/2012- New York, NY
5/18/2012- New York, NY
5/19/2012- New York, NY
5/20/2012- Princeton, NJ
5/21/2012- Providence, RI
5/22/2012- Pittsburgh, PA
5/23/2012- Pittsburgh, PA
5/24/2012- Cleveland/Columbus, OH
5/25/2012- Port Clinton, OH
5/26/2012- Port Clinton, OH
5/27/2012- Port Clinton, OH
5/28/2012- Oberlin, OH
5/29/2012- Oberlin, OH
5/30/2012- Oberlin, OH
5/31/2012- Columbus, OH
6/1/2012- Columbus, OH
6/2/2012- Gallipolis, OH
6/3/2012- Detroit, MI
6/4/2012- Detroit, MI
6/5/2012- Detroit, MI
6/6/2012- Detroit, MI
6/7/2012- Chicago, IL
6/8/2012- Chicago, IL
6/9/2012- Chicago, IL
6/10/2012- Springfield, IL
6/11/2012- Springfield, IL
6/12/2012- Springfield, IL
6/13/2012- Springfield, IL
6/14/2012- Des Moines, IA
6/15/2012- Des Moines, IA
6/16/2012- Des Moines, IA
6/17/2012- Rapid City, SD
6/18/2012- Rapid City, SD
6/19/2012- Pine Ridge, SD
6/20/2012- Boulder, CO
6/21/2012- Boulder, CO
6/22/2012- Boulder, CO
6/23/2012- Boulder, CO
6/24/2012- Boulder, CO
6/25/2012- Park City, UT
6/26/2012- Idaho Falls, ID?
6/27/2012- Yellowstone/Helena, MT?
6/28/2012- Sandpoint, ID
6/29/2012- Sandpoint, ID
6/30/2012- Seattle, WA
7/1/2012- Seattle, WA
7/2/2012- Seattle, WA
7/3/2012- Portland, OR
7/4/2012- Portland, OR
7/5/2012- Portland, OR
7/6/2012- Portland, OR
7/7/2012- Portland, OR
7/8/2012- Portland, OR
7/9/2012- Portland, OR
7/10/2012- Bend/Portland, OR
7/11/2012- Bend, OR
7/12/2012- Redding, CA
7/13/2012- Redding, CA
7/14/2012- Redding, CA
7/15/2012- Redding, CA
7/16/2012- San Francisco, CA
7/17/2012- San Francisco, CA
7/18/2012- San Francisco, CA
7/19/2012- Los Angeles, CA
7/20/2012- Los Angeles, CA
7/21/2012- San Diego, CA
7/22/2012- San Diego, CA
7/23/2012- San Diego, CA
7/24/2012- San Diego, CA
7/25/2012- Phoenix, AZ
7/26/2012- Tucson, AZ
7/27/2012- Tucson, AZ
7/28/2012- Tucson, AZ
7/29/2012- San Antonio, TX
7/30/2012- San Antonio, TX
7/31/2012 -San Antonio, TX
8/1/2012- Austin, TX
8/2/2012- Austin, TX
8/3/2012- Austin, TX
8/4/2012- Austin, TX
8/5/2012- Moreauville, LA
8/6/2012- Moreauville, LA
8/7/2012- New Orleans, LA
8/8/2012- New Orleans, LA
8/9/2012- New Orleans, LA
8/10/2012- Memphis, TN
8/11/2012- Memphis, TN
8/12/2012- Memphis, TN
8/13/2012- Knoxville, TN
8/14/2012- Knoxville, TN
8/15/2012- Sanford, NC?
8/16/2012- Washington, DC
8/17/2012- New York, NY
8/18/2012- David Flies Home