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It’s All About The Why

Note: This is a repost from A Summer To Serve, my new home for the next four months.

Since I left the corporate world, one of the most important things to me is living life on purpose. Every day I make conscious decisions on how I’m going to spend my day. I’ve even started to question myself on a deeper level on why I do certain things. For example:

  • Why am I eating this meal right now? Am I actually hungry? Or am I just bored?
  • Why am I drinking tonight? Do I need alcohol to have a fun night? Or can I go out without it?
  • Why am I hanging out with these friends today? Is it a good use of my time? Is there something I can be doing that would be of higher value?
  • Why am I posting these pictures to Facebook? To feed my ego? To let my friends back home know what I’m doing?
  • Why am I talking to this girl? Do I see a future with her as either a friend or life partner? Is this someone I even want to spend time with?
  • Why am I friends with him/her? How do I feel when I’m around them? Are they building me up or tearing me down? What would life be without them?
  • Why am I sharing this on the Internet? Am I sharing this to look cool to the world? Or am I delivering valuable content that will help others live a better life?

You get the idea. In short: “think before you act.”

Taking a step back to ask the “why” brings clarity to why you’re actually doing what you do. Often times, I’ve found that the why was because that’s what I had always done or that’s what society told me what to do. Now I consciously choose how I live my life, even if those decisions are “bad decisions” in someone else’s eyes. Granted, there runs the risk of analysis paralysis, but overall I’m making much better decisions lately.


So Why A Summer To Serve?

With that said, why are David and I embarking on this three month journey of service? We recently shared our whys back and forth over email and these are the primary reasons why we are going on the trip.

1. We love to help people.

I’ve always been the friend, manager, or classmate that everyone comes to with their problems. I’m at my best when I’m helping people achieve goals, destroy limiting beliefs, or become better versions of themselves. Coaching and consulting doesn’t even feel like work. It’s where I find myself in the state of flow.

David is cut from the same cloth. He’s incredibly mature for his age and even I come to him for support sometimes or to bounce a couple of ideas around. Together we are going to help a lot of people and put a lot of smiles on faces. And I’d take smiles over dollars any day.

Seriously, we friggin love people.

2. We have a thirst for adventure.

At the heart of every man is a great thirst for adventure. Last summer we got a taste of it on the Momstoski Road Trip, so this summer we figured we would up the stakes.

We like pushing ourselves, trying new things and going places where we’ve never gone before. We are going to help so many different kinds of people and do so many different types of volunteer work this summer. Everything will be new and every experience will make us even more comfortable with change and ambiguity.

And one day when we’re old men we’ll have some epic stories to tell our grandchildren.

3. After our mom died things got put into crystal clear perspective.

One day I am going to die. One day David is going to die. One day you are going to die.

Our time on this planet is limited and every day is so incredibly valuable. One of my favorite Thich Nhat Hanh quotes is: “Today is the most important day of our lives.” How true.

With that said, there is no better way that we could be using our summer than in the service of other people. So that’s what we are doing.

4. We need each other.

I moved away from Tucson when David was going into his sophomore year of high school. I’ve missed out on so much already. Aside from a couple visits from home and the Momstoski Road Trip, we haven’t spent much time together since 2008.

Together we make magic. And the fact that I get to spend three months with him together this summer makes me excited as a little boy going to Disneyland for the first time.

5. This trip scares us a lot.

In the past couple of years I’ve smashed through many of my fears. I jumped out of a plane, bungee jumped off of a bridge, tried out for the Olympic Skeleton team, ran several Tough Mudder races, ran a marathon with no training, spoke in front of hundreds of people, and traveled all over the country and to several continents.

David has played shows in front of hundreds of people, spoke in front of hundreds more, and has essentially eliminated any shred of social anxiety that he ever had.

There’s not a whole lot that scares us anymore. But this trip terrifies us.

There are a million unknowns and thousands of what-if situations running through our minds. Deep in our hearts we know that the trip is going to be a wild success and we are going to help hundreds of people along the way. Yet there is still that fear of the unknown.

And where there is fear, you must go.

So there you have it. That’s the why.


How Can I Still Help?

Things are moving along quite well but we could still use your support to make this happen. Here’s where we need the most help.

1. Donate To Our Campaign on Indiegogo

We still have a considerable way to go to fund our trip. We only set the goal at around half of what we’ll actually spend so it’s vital that we at least hit that goal. You can donate here.

2. Let Us Know If You Want Us To Visit

We would love to help you wherever you are and whatever you need. Do have an extra bedroom or pullout sofa for the two tallest, friendliest, funnest, most helpful Asians ever? Let us know!

3. Suggest Causes Or People To Work With

Do you work with an organization that could use our services? Do you know of a great cause that is looking for volunteers this summer? Send them our way!

4. Spread The Word

The more people know about A Summer To Serve, the more we will be able to help others. Please share this post with your network and get the word out. Every little bit helps (use the buttons below!).


Thank you for being a part of our lives and following our adventures.



  • Allie Wolveri

    You and your brother are an inspiration. Live for the purpose of “why”. Love you!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Love you too. And grilled cheese dates with Dan.

  • Klsnyder218

    real good stuff bud!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Thanks Kev!

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  • Denise McCreery

    Very cool Mike! I did the same thing at 22, wanted to do and give more so I went to on a volunteer trip to Indonesia for 8 months…it changed my life! I don’t currently have a cause I can send your way but I do have a very nice, and large guest room/bath that you guys can have for as long as you need in the south Phoenix area; I’d be happy to scout out a service that needs you here if you want, I’m sure there are plenty. You men are an inspiration 🙂