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Into The Wild: A Digital Sabbatical

A Summer To Serve is officially over. It was the most amazing experience of my life and something that I’ll never forget. If it wasn’t for the daily journaling that David and I did, it would have all seemed like a dream.

As much as I am a hardcore extrovert, the trip has left me wanting some space. Like the five minutes of savasana after one’s yoga practice, I need some quiet time and space to soak up all the benefits of this summer.

So into the wild I go.

In September I’m taking a digital sabbatical to be alone with my thoughts and ideas.

No email.

No phone.

No Twitter.

No Facebook.

Just infinite space to create some epic shit.

Unplugged. Untethered. Uninterrupted.

I’ll be writing, meditating, journaling, eating lots of veggies, and planning what’s next in this grand project that I call life.

I’ll pop back up somewhere around Phoenix, Arizona in early October as I’ll be attending Martha Beck’s meet and greet event and Pam Slim’s Power Boost Live event.

How about you friend? Could you perhaps take some time off from all these distractions to create something that matters?

Catch you in October.

  • Katie Benedetto

    Awesome, Mike. 🙂 It’s on my bucket list to do a week-long digital sabbatical – okay, if you’re doing a month, surely I can do just a week. Enjoy!