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Back From Internet Exile: A Month Of Solitude

Hey Internet, I’m back.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a month, but my digital sabbatical is over. Some things went really well, others not so much. Such is life.


Antisocial Media

I did manage to successfully stay off of Facebook and Twitter for the entire month. Which for me was like not being allowed to pee for a month.

I distinctly remember the moment when I deleted all of the social apps on my iPhone. Facebook, Twitter, Voxer, Skype, OKCupid. If it could send me a notification, it came off. I also moved my email app to a back page where I wouldn’t see how many emails I had.

The moment I erased all of the social apps I felt a sense of freedom. No longer was my phone my electronic ball and chain, chiming in my pocket every 12 minutes.

It became a phone. Yep, just a phone.

The urge to go on Facebook was strong the first couple of days, but after that it just became normal. I logged onto Facebook this morning and it just felt like a waste of time. Mission accomplished.

The one downside? My Klout score went down by 6 points in a month from a 67.52 to a 61.71 (Oh no!). Which to me is about as important as having the biggest rims in the neighborhood.


Adventures In Email

I decided to check my email seven days into the month to make sure no one had died. I had a little over 150 emails and looking at them all at the same time made me realize something important.

Most of them didn’t matter.

When you’re checking your email like Pavlov’s Dog, you don’t notice that most of it is garbage. But look at a week’s worth of email at the same time and you’ll quickly notice that a good 80% of it is junk. The first time I checked my mail, I immediately unsubscribed to several newsletters and mailing lists and managed to get through all of my important followups in less than an hour. Time saved that week: probably several hours.

I went with the once a week email check for most of the month, but cheated a little at the end since some of my coaching clients were emailing me important stuff.

All in all though, I spent a fraction of the time that I usually spend on email.


So What Did I Do With All That Time?

I worked out twice a day most days. Cardio in the morning and weights in the late afternoon. I’m less plump now.

I discovered YogaGlo and took classes from some of the best yoga teachers in the world. It’s only $18 a month and free for the first two weeks. Can’t recommend it enough.

I read most of the books on my reading queue and reread a couple of my favorites. I forgot how much I missed reading this summer so it was great to have the time to read a ton of books. And by ton, I mean all of these:

Work The System – Sam Carpenter
The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco
The Way of The Superior Man – David Deida
Finding Your Own North Star – Martha Beck
The Education of Millionaires – Michael Ellsberg
The Joy Diet – Martha Beck
The Sticking Point Solution – Jay Abraham
Revelation – Mystery
The Boron Letters – Gary Halbert
(The first five are a must read)

I did an hour of reading outside most days by the pool.

I wrote a little. Not hardly enough though.

I hung out with Rupert Potter.

I compiled dozens of ideas for my coaching business.

And I did a lot of pro-bono life coaching.


What and Where’s Next?

I’ll be spending most of October in Arizona with Popstoski and Youngstoski. And I’ll be attending, helping with or speaking at these great events (all in Phoenix, AZ).

October 6, 7: Meet and Greet with Martha Beck
October 8, 9: The Coaches Book Circle Live with Angela Lauria (space still available)
October 12, 13: Power Boost Live with Pam Slim (space still available)
October 22: IdeaMensch Phoenix (come watch me speak!)


What Did I Takeaway From September?

Your phone is what you make of it. I’m reinstalling the social apps on my phone but disabling the notifications.

I’m going to check email just twice a day from now on, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

I’m at my best when I start my day with some sort of movement or physical exercise.

Brandi Holmes is possibly the funnest/funniest girl on the planet.

Florabama is a wild, wild place.

Being unreachable is a luxury that we should strive to have more of in our lives.

Always choose love.

  • joshlipo

    Always choose love indeed, brotha!

  • Mrsppetsitting

    What a great read and accomplishment. I respect your courage in dumping this media thing. And you lived to tell about it! You are a true role model. It seems to me or I have a hunch you are a gifted teacher.

    Thank you for sharing your experience,

  • jspielvogel

    Amazing – I turned off the notifications from my social networks, too…because I was obsessively checking my phone and it was getting out of control. A whole month with none of it though? Impressive. Love this post!

  • Brandon Li

    Great advice! Maybe I’ll one day have the courage to do the same.