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Be A Creator, Not A Consumer

Don’t waste time on social media, create something worth sharing on social media.

Don’t live your life under someone else’s rules, create your own rules.

Don’t watch television, create something worth being on television.

Don’t complain about your problems, get paid to solve problems.

Don’t spend $100 on dinner, spend $100 hosting a dinner party.

Don’t accept what’s wrong with the world, create a movement.

Don’t play video games, create a fantasy world in real life.

Don’t do stuff you hate, outsource it or automate it.

Don’t neglect your body, turn it into a laboratory.

Don’t smoke cigarettes, smoke the competition.

Don’t watch the news, be featured in the news.

Don’t watch advertising, study advertising.

Don’t get an MBA, hire people with MBAs.

Don’t buy more toys, play with your kids.

Don’t point fingers, take responsibility.

Don’t watch porn, have more sex.

Don’t watch sports, play sports.

Don’t read blogs, write blogs.

Take less. Make more.

The wealthiest people in the world are the ones who create what the rest of us mindlessly consume.

Stop watching other people live their lives. Create a life worth watching.

  • Oliver Asis

    Excellent post and great points to live by. Thank you for sharing!

  • Brandi Holmes

    Wisdom. Time to go create.

  • Shannon Bledsoe

    i love this Mike, thank you!