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My Blog Sucks

I launched Adventures In Personal Development in July 2011. I had been wanting to start writing a blog for a while and this desire only multiplied when I attended WDS.

For several months before my launch, I created a secret Facebook group and enlisted the help of 25 of my friends to decide what it would be called. We decided against Case Studies in Life, The Guidebook to Life, and The Owner’s Manual To Self.

James Clear made my logo. I designed the layout with Headway Themes. And Kym Pham gave me the kick in the pants while sitting in her Manhattan apartment to finally put the damn thing online.

Fast forward to over a year later and after learning a great deal more about internet marketing, copywriting, web design, and the like, I have one thing to admit:

My blog sucks. In fact, it sucks a lot.

Here’s a quick rundown of why my blog is plagued by so much suck:

  1. It has an absolutely impossible to spell domain name.
  2. I have an email list that I do absolutely nothing with.
  3. My email list is sitting somewhere in Feedburner.
  4. It looks like a total beginner created it (because it’s true).
  5. There is no way for people to give me money.
  6. I’m a life coach without a coaching tab.
  7. The design doesn’t fit my personality.

Despite all of the suckiness that is my blog, I still credit it for changing my life completely.

By putting out to the world what I’m about and what I stand for, I’ve developed a group of superhero friends all over the world who also value growth, health, relationships, and integrity.

My blog was a big reason why I was able to pull off a three month road trip across the United States doing volunteer work while staying with brilliant entrepreneurs all over the country.

I’ve become a much better writer over the past year. What used to take me a couple of hours takes me half an hour.

And most importantly, I’ve gotten dozens of emails from friends or even random visitors telling me that my work has helped them to have a better life.

The bottom line is: Don’t Be Afraid To Suck.

Most people quit at the first sight of discomfort. The winners are the ones who realize that failure is just feedback.

Keep on pushing through and one day you’ll look back and laugh at how much progress you’ve made.

  • Emily Belyea

    I love your point of view on this. So many people, myself included, deal with “website guilt”. It’s important to focus on the positives though, and the fact that you even have a website at all. For every one of us who feels like their website isn’t living up to it’s full potential, there are a million people who are wondering how the hell they acquire a domain name. The fact that you’ve come this far is awesome. Keep it up!

  • Amy Scott

    I can totally relate; definitely been through this myself! So glad you went for it instead of waiting for perfection.

  • Shannyn

    LOVE your honesty, your integrity and the admission that’s okay to suck at something. I know I fail all the time, but it’s a part of growth. Realizing you aren’t a supernova about something either helps you focus on what does rock, what you need to fix, or at least being honest that something isn’t a priority for you. Labeling “suck” isn’t an end statement, but a bigger question 🙂 Love this!

  • Rita Chand

    I didn’t know where you were going with this. I kept reading and thinking “ know…it’s not that bad…” and then BAM! There is is. Don’t be afraid to suck. Thank you! I really REALLY needed to hear that.

  • Nathan Agin

    we want to believe that things are just going to look PERFECT the first go out the gate. what isn’t (usually) talked about is how the creative process is MESSY and that it takes YEARS for brilliant work to emerge, yes even for the geniuses. just read a great piece about Mozart the other day: dude has been working for 18 YEARS before he composed his “9th Symphony” at the age of 21!

    so yeah, keep feeling free to suck, knowing that your best work is ahead of you, and that the world has the chance to because you’re taking falls today! 🙂

  • DevinTermini

    Thank you Mike, I needed this.

  • Shenee Howard

    This is SUCH an important lesson for us to learn. It is so easy to get caught up in where we should be and we forget to stop and honor the journey we are taking right now in this moment and be thankful for the suck.

    It’s also so important for us to start where ever we are and to not let whatever we are missing/things we could do better/stuff we could change stop us from doing the things we truly want to do.

    Great post, thanks for your transparency!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Your post was an inspiration for that. Proof you can redesign and reinvent many times over.

  • Max Mendoza

    Wow. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now man.

    Thanks so much for being genuine & willing to expose yourself like that. I used to blog more often on my tumblr then I got all fussy with layout – switched to WordPress – & never found the “perfect” presentation or strategy to just keeping doing it! (Grrrrrr!!)

    I’m not at this place where I realize none of that matters & you are totally right. Thank you!

    Ps Great idea about making a private group to help you move forward & lend their support. Might be pursuing that community concept too. Cheers & see you soon!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Yeah, design and branding is definitely important, but so is just taking that big first step. See you tonight brother!

  • Coreycasteel


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