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Never Have Conference Withdrawals Again

If there’s one thing that I’ve grown to appreciate this year, it’s the fact that there is just no substitute for face time. Sure, you might have a great friendship or business relationship with someone online, but things really take off with that first hug, handshake, or meal together.

I’ve had the blessing of going to a number of amazing live events this past year. World Domination Summit, SXSW, Skip Winter, Power Boost Live, The Coaches Book Circle Live, and Martha Beck’s Coaches Meet and Greet, to name a few.

After the high of the conference wears off, we all find ourselves back in the “real world” on Monday morning. And then it strikes.

Birthday Party Syndrome.

That sinking feeling you used to get as a child the day after your birthday when you wished all your friends were still at your house with party hats on their heads and cake smeared on their faces as they watched you tear into a pile of presents. Even with a 600 piece Lego pirate ship by your side and a new pair of footed pajamas, you somehow feel a little sad.

After I attend a conference, similar comments inevitably start to come out over Facebook groups, Twitter, or private forums.

  • “Going through withdrawals!”
  • “I miss you all so much!”
  • “Sigh, back to the real world.”
  • “I wish it was SXSW every day!”

Alas, it will never be SXSW every day (and thank goodness, because I would be dead), but I’d like to offer you a reframe to help combat your conference withdrawals.

“I didn’t leave my heart in _____, but rather I brought _____ back with me in my heart.”

Since the last event I attended was Power Boost Live, let’s play around with that for a bit…


I didn’t leave my heart in Power Boost Live, but rather I brought Power Boost Live back with me in my heart.

Power Boost Live will forever be a part of me and will forever support me on my journey of life. Whenever I need support, I will draw from my experiences from the past weekend and I will have everything I need.

When I am feeling tired, I’ll think about bouncing around on a giant exercise ball with Cheryl Dolan and I will have energy.

When I am feeling timid, I’ll think about the times when I put myself out there whether it was being vulnerable about my business or dancing in front of everyone, and I will have confidence.

When I am feeling a little depressed or sad, I’ll think about the incredible closing drum circle ceremony and I will be spilling over with joy.

When I am feeling lonely, I’ll think about the dozens of hugs and I will realize that we are all still connected at the heart and I will feel loved.

We have left Power Boost Live, but we are all taking Power Boost Live back with us in our hearts. The only things we are leaving are our fears, limiting beliefs, and doubts. In with the good, out with the bad.

After attending Power Boost Live, I now realize that I have an abundance of support, resources, and love that will help my business thrive and my soul feel alive.


See, not so bad after all right?

Stop missing things when they are gone from your life.

Realize that you’ll always have them with you in your heart.

  • Debbie Weil

    Mike, thank you for this. Wonderful!

  • Val

    I especially love the hugs 😉 Thank you for this beautiful message. My heart is full.

  • Lisa Nelson

    Hi Mike…Nice! You summed it up well my friend and made me laugh too.

  • Cheryl Dolan

    So much fun to meet and spend time with you Mike! Looking forward to the next time . . .

  • Elizabeth Crouch

    Mike, you and David *are* love .. I carry each of you and many more in my heart. There’s extraordinary capacity with love – the more we share it, the more we have of it in our lives. It’s my heartfelt joy to carry you within.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Thanks Elizabeth. I’m so glad we had the moment to talk in the lobby that evening.

  • Melissa Foster Cook

    I LOVE this. Really good reframe. Thank you!

  • Genevieve Chase

    There is no “good” or “bad” in my world view.

    As a member of society who moved around a lot, I identify with a quote from a great, underrated, made-for-TV movie, True Women. When young Euphemia is sad about leaving Georgia to move to Texas, her older brother-in-law offers her some perspective, “What about all of those friends you haven’t met yet?”

    A dear friend reminded me of this recently and I’m ever so grateful. ; )

    The past, is the past… the present is what it is and the future is FULL of possibilities.

  • Adam Issadore

    This is great. I had fun at Power Boost Live and it was meant to be for us to meet and connect.