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Let’s Take This Shit Outside


You’re in a crowded nightclub.

A guy bumps into you, spilling your drink all over you.

You’re there with your girlfriend.

You have to look cool, right? You can’t let this guy disrespect you in front of your woman. You need to fight him or else you’ll look like a chump.

You turn to the guy and say the magic five words.

“Let’s take this shit outside.”

Bad idea.


You’re an internet entrepreneur. Or a life coach. Or a mom. Or someone who works from home. Maybe you even work in an office.

Instead of taking phone calls from your office, couch, or desk, you grab your headphones and step outside to take the call.

Instead of sitting on your ass for eight to ten hours straight, you get several breaks a day to catch up with friends, clients, or potential referral sources while simultaneously adding some movement, sun, and fresh air into your life.

Instead of feeling stir crazy and isolated you feel connected to the outside world around you.

Now that you’ve read this, the next time you need to make a call to your friend, mom, or to the cable company, you remember the magic five words.

“Let’s take this shit outside.”

Good idea.

  • Jack Peterson

    HAHAHA I love this man

  • Roksana Liczbik

    that was pretty funny post…it just made me laugh and it had
    an awesome twist..i was like..what?!? I resonate with your invitation as recently I felt the same concept for myself and am “Taking This Shit Outside”…
    just decided that every morning i will have my coffee outside on the porch..sitting on my rocking couch…Drinking in the view of the luscious greenery & the ocean…inhaling the aroma of still moist earth..listening to the birds, watching squirrels & wild parrots munching on loquats… allright got to go to my outdoors couch 😉

    • Mike Hrostoski

      You have the most amazing slice of heaven there at your place. What a cool apartment you found. Writer’s paradise. 🙂

  • Emma Sledge

    Working in an office only steps from the beach, I relate to this soooo much.

    • Nikola Slavkovic

      you are crazy 😀

  • Mel Heth

    Outside is almost always better than inside. Unless it’s raining… Although, even that can be fun on rare occasions, I guess!