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Oh Wait, It’s My Life

Oh Wait Its My Life

I should have a virtual assistant.

I should have a project manager.

I should have written a book by now.

I should have a high end group coaching program.

I should have an apartment.

I should have a regular workout schedule.

I should do more speaking engagements.

I should be running at least a six figure coaching business. How can I coach high performing men if I’m not making at least six figures myself?

I should be in a committed monogamous relationship. I am the guy who helps men master their relationships with their women right?

I should be more serious. I should make more money. I should be in better shape. I should eat more vegetables. I should have employees.

I should have had kids by now.

I should be the perfect man to have the right to coach high performing men.


I shouldn’t be checking my own email.

I shouldn’t be traveling so much.

I shouldn’t be playing so much.

I shouldn’t have had that glass of wine last week.

I shouldn’t have written all those posts about my personal life online.

I shouldn’t keep giving my time away the way I do. If it doesn’t make money, I shouldn’t do it.

I shouldn’t travel by car any more. My time is worth $250 an hour.

I shouldn’t be going to Burning Man. I have an email autoresponder series to write and digital products to build! And when am I ever going to get down to writing that book?

I shouldn’t be dating. If I’m not ready to “settle down” then I should just be single until I’m ready to “get serious.”

I shouldn’t say “I Love You” so much. People will get the wrong idea.

I shouldn’t be allowed to have my cake and eat it too.


Oh wait, it’s my life.

  • Jeanie

    Yeah, those blasted “shoulds…” getting in the way of the truth. 😉

  • rachael maddox

    ditto, dude. i love it.

  • angela

    Fuck yeah. I’ve joined the Mike Hrostoski School of Liberal I Love Yous. If it freaks ’em out or fucks ’em up that’s their business. I’m going for big, openarmed love all day, every day.

  • Daniel Jarvis

    Yeah you definitely shouldn’t be going to Burning Man ;). Damn it’ll be great to see you. And this is one hell of a post.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Thanks brother. Excited to see you. Ten days with no laptop. Aaaaahhhhhhhhh.

  • Max Nachamkin

    Well said, Mike. But really..has anyone ever said “I shouldn’t be going to Burning Man?” 😉

    I kid, I kid. Love this post…I often battle with myself on what I should be doing vs what I really want to do. Good reminder to just chill out and remind myself everything’s allll good in the hood.

    Rock on Mike, keep it up

  • KarolGajda

    I identify with this. I’ve had similar “conversations” with myself, if you will. But I also have a feeling that some of it is a cop out or that I’m trying really hard to convince myself of something. Maybe I’m using something in place of something else. Using actions (or inactions) as excuses, you could say. Maybe all the “shoulds” aren’t bad, and all the “shouldn’ts” aren’t good. (And vice versa, depending.)

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Oh yeah. All the shoulds and shouldn’ts are totally right. I’m just going to consciously decide when and where I turn a “I should” into a “I choose to.”

      I’m slowly giving into some of the shoulds bit by bit. You can only travel, party, and date beautiful women for so long before you go, “Wait, I have people to help and things to create.”

  • Hayley

    Fuck, Yes.

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