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A Hundred Posts, A Hundred Years

A Hundred Posts, A Hundred Years

This is officially blog post 100.

Sometimes I feel like I’m 100 years old. And 19 at the same time.

Last month I wrote a book. It’s a one-month memoir.

I wrote every day for an hour and spilled my heart out onto the page. I’ve shared it with a couple of people. They say it’s pretty good. I say it was just an exercise in writing. Look out for it on Amazon hopefully by the end of the month.

I’m in Costa Rica right now at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa.

For some reason someone thought it would be a good idea to fly me down here and lead a couple of workshops at a retreat for trailblazing entrepreneurs. I’m leading a three hour workshop on sex on Wednesday. How did this become my reality?

All of the retreat leaders woke up at 5am and watched the sunrise together in silence this morning on the beach. Here at Blue Osa they observe silence until 7:30am. It’s a lovely way to start the day.

I went to Burning Man this year. Actually it was just last week, but it feels like a month ago already. Since then I slept a night in Reno, a night in Las Vegas, two nights in San Jose, Costa Rica and a night here at Blue Osa.

It was heartbreaking returning back to civilization. They make you wear clothes out here in the real world. I’m fighting back as much as possible.

I have very little left to write about anymore.

I should be writing blog posts that cater to my target demographic: High-Performing Men. They should be keyword rich and talk about the common pain points that men face. I should also have links in them to larger websites so they rank higher.

How To Get Over A Breakup, How To Make A Major Career Change, 10 Tips For Having Amazing Sex, 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Be More Productive, How To Approach Beautiful Women, The Three Skills You Need To Double Your Revenues In A Year.

Anybody want to write them for me?

I’m going to go swim in the ocean naked now.

  • Fly Brother

    Great post, bro. Throwing your writing exercises up on Amazon…inspired idea, as I’m sure others will be inspired by your musings. In fact, I was so inspired by this post that I dropped everything and walked the 2 blocks from my apartment to the beach and took a swim for the first time since I moved in a month ago. It was overdue.

    Saravá Iemanjá,

  • Matt Horwitz

    Wow man.. what a great way to relax post burning man. Enjoy the workshop experience. Sounds fun!

  • JeremyFrandsen

    Congrats on post 100. I enjoyed the post and put the Blue Osa on the adventure list.

  • rachael maddox

    thank. god.

  • Mary Armstrong

    oohhhh…who wants to write about boring stuff when you can swim in the ocean naked! Nice piece (of writing) 🙂 !!