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Be Outrageous With Your Ask

Outrageous Ask

When I taught the Business Fundamentals class (public speaking, ethics, and corporate social responsibility) at Ohio State I used to always end every quarter with my version of the Last Lecture.

I called it “How To Live A Fantastic Life: aka What They Don’t Teach You In College.”

You can download it in it’s entirety here. Steal whatever you want for your personal use.

As I touched these students lives for the last time I wanted to gift them attitudes and mindsets that would help them have the most remarkable lives possible.

At the time, the 10 core attitudes for me were:

  1. Everything in life is negotiable
  2. I ask for what I want
  3. The world is my playground
  4. My integrity is all I have
  5. Everyone is a human equal
  6. I am the luckiest person ever
  7. My health is my most valuable asset
  8. Today is the most important day of my life
  9. I have everything I need already
  10. Life is all about relationships

They are still pretty much the same. It’s amazing looking back how I was doing coaching even when I didn’t really know what coaching was.

Lately though, I’ve switched one of these attitudes out for a stronger one.

I used to tell people: “Ask for what you want.”

Now I tell them:

Be Outrageous with your Ask

And I don’t just say that to my clients and friends for the sake of it. I’ve actually been walking my talk lately. For example…

1. I asked Carlos Miceli if he wanted to fly me out to Chile to be a mentor for Exosphere, a three month long entrepreneurial learning community and technology incubator. He said Yes.

So I’ll be living in Chile from November 25 to December 15 or so. Isn’t it beautiful? (see photo above)

2. I’m renting a mansion in Phoenix for two weeks in January. Assorted entrepreneurial activities are going to take place in the aforementioned mansion, more to come soon.

I emailed over a dozen mansion owners on a number of various home rental sites with an email clearly stating my purpose for the rental and my asking price which is 30-50% lower than what they have it listed for. Within the next week I’ll have a discount mansion on my hands (two words I thought I’d never use in the same sentence).

3. Felicia Spahr is going to be on The Raw Truth About Entrepreneurship on November 20 to talk about: How To Sell Yourself. She’s a killer copywriter who’s going to help you realize that selling is more about people, less about money, and more about being a better human. I can’t wait to have her on the show.

Once I confirmed her for the show she replied with:
“In the meantime, what do you need from me so I can make your life easier for that day? Or in between?”

I replied with:
“Hmmmmmmm… I need at least nine of these T-shirts.

I need you to get really bold and make some outrageous asks by the end of the week. Let me know how it goes.

And it would be fun to connect over the phone sometime before the show.”

She replied back:
“Hahaha. Don’t tempt me. I will buy you 9 of those shirts.”

I replied back with my mailing address and she replied back with “…keep an eye on your mailbox.”

Why not? Have you seen how awesome those shirts are?! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for one of these.


The moral of this story is you’re not asking enough.

And don’t just ask for what you want… Be outrageous with your ask.

Because someone just might say Yes.

And you just might find yourself traveling to Chile for free wearing a shirt with ten kittens on it.


PS – Let’s do a Contest shall we?…

It’s 3:45pm PST. If you’re reading this before the deadline of Monday, September 30 at 3:45pm, then I challenge you to make Outrageous Asks for the next 48 hours. The person with the best story wins a one hour coaching session with me ($500 value). Leave your story in the comments below on or my Facebook wall.

Fortune favors the brave my friend.

PPS – Don’t look at slide 22 of my Powerpoint. And especially not slide 23. I’m a changed man, I promise.

  • James Swanwick

    I just asked a multimillionaire to mentor me for one year. He said, “Yes.” There is power in asking. If you decide that the absolute worst thing that can happen is that the other person says, “No”…and you can live with that…then ask, ask, ask. Like Mike says, make a seemingly outrageous request and watch how many times they’re granted. Ask, ask, ask.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Multimillionaires are some of the most generous folks around. You don’t become a wealthy man with a scarcity mindset.

  • Purushothama Purushi

    Fund and Take me with you to Chile for the workshop and make me your competitior

  • Lisa lisa

    After my appointment with my allergist, I flat out asked him if he would consider being a sponsor for the biggest event I put on every year, and I whipped out my proposal and a letter I already prepared for him. He said, “yes!” I was nervous asking him since this was only my 2nd visit to his office, and I felt a little strange asking during my appointment, but I was pleasantly surprised with his cheery response. Now I await his decision….

  • Annika Stahlberg

    Sounds like I’m going to miss out on the deadline Mike, but I’m building up to asking some of my more successful friends if they’ll hire me or know of anyone that needs a VA. Was going to do it this weekend but missed out on catching up with them. This is huge for me as I don’t like asking people for things, especially not money! But my day-job needs to change while I build my dream lifestyle blog, and if it’s “not what you know but who you know” then I may as well start asking!
    I’ll let you know what happens, I plan to meet on Wednesday!

  • Brandyn Bolduc

    With all life has to offer, with everything happening in the world and beyond, what better question to ask that I would love to know you better on a personal level. In my life I have been very content with my surroundings; content with my life, content with with my relationships, content with my present moment of being. I have followed upon your stories and have found you to be extremely motivational, always busy, always moving, always something new with a sense behind your words of excitement and wonder. I have been an introvert my whole life and up to this point I am still very much so. I have felt deep down that being content with life has its limits, that seemingly suppressing a limitless potential of a mind is not of fulfillment of life. To be content is to be still and satisfied, but what of the imagination? I see you changing lives in a multitude of brilliant, positive, and creative ways outstretched from always being better than you were the day before. In my contentment of a life I watch as others grow ahead of me, not just friends or acquaintances, but the entire world as a being. I feel so strongly in my heart that I am to help people, go out and travel the world, explore the far reaches of the weird and fun, mainly to experience everything life has to offer and share it to all who walk the same path. I find you, Mike, at this point in my life to hold positive and great influence of insight to life to all who manage to meet you. I would love to follow down your path, whether it be as a friend or working a future of possibility, mentoring and helping people better there lives and help move forward to create a better world. Since I have met you, in all honesty I have never met an individual who has seemed to grow so much over so little time since meeting you. So I ask of your mind, spill over unto me your secrets, show me new insights to fun and love that I have yet to even experience in my own personal life. I challenge you to better me as a person in symbiotic relation to you as a brother, show me a new creative path that I no longer have to be this sheltered expression of self. I want to help people, I want to always learn and better myself to help and better others. If I do so win a one hour coaching session together let it not be the last, I feel to my bones that you have something to show me that I have been longing to find deep within, what that is is yet to be found and fully expressed. What I know is there are people like you in this world, who i see in light of utter compassion to live and breathe and be alive. Let it be that everything is just happening, I have chose to spill my thoughts and better myself and let my creative intuitive nature flow. Mike, lets have our much needed talk that has been needing to usher into existence since I have met you. Looking forward to the future with much love and positivity, Brandyn.

  • Carleigh Kaiser

    I don’t meet many people in my life who can truly see me, and within 5 minutes of meeting me at that! So, when I do cross paths with them, I start freaking out and wondering how I can keep them in my life. Yesterday I wrote to the two most recent people of this kind (neither of which I knew for more than 24hrs), putting myself out on a ledge to see if I could spend more time with them. One has already said yes I can come visit him and I am waiting to hear back from the other (who I’ve asked to teach me about tarot and shamanism, of all things!). It’s a little nerve racking putting myself out there for rejection, but I absolutely love feeling known around these people and learning from their insights!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      I’m into all things shaman. Good stuff. 🙂

  • Zander Galloway

    Hey man, as you know, one of my major goals right now is to kick my new business into full gear. One thing I have been trying to balance is transitioning into that while transitioning out of my current job. Although I have taken major steps so far, my biggest upcoming deadlines are all medium-term. I needed to take action again to keep my momentum going. I realized I need to change my environment. This place no longer feels like home, and I need to switch things up if I am 100% committed to my business. So today after reading your post, I asked for a remote work arrangement starting next month. And they said yes. Now my back’s to the wall, and I’ve only got a few weeks to figure this out, but I couldn’t be more excited.

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Zander. You win.

      You’ve been taking massive action ever since I met you at WDS. Talk soon.

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  • Kevin William Heller

    I asked some guy I never met to read an article I wrote and, if he liked it, to repost it:

    PS: That’s my ask to you. Thanks!