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My Vision For The Conference For Men

My Vision

What a wild 48 hours.

Since announcing The Conference For Men I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of support. Dozens of men have emailed me offering to speak and/or support in the creation of the conference.

I’ve been in back to back meetings from sunrise to midnight, refining the concept with trusted colleagues. Valerie Steiger who has run massive events for Martha Beck and Pam Slim offered her expertise and gave me a path to start on. Dave Booda who runs a large men’s group in San Diego gave me several incredible ideas that I will definitely add to the program. Even Chris Guillebeau chimed in via email and shared some gems he learned from launching the World Domination Summit.

I jumped out of bed the past two mornings, excited to dive into my work.

To be honest, I don’t know if I’ve ever jumped out of bed to dive into my work. As much as I love coaching, nothing has turned me on like this before.

It’s a place where I take my coaching clients to regularly. Now I finally know what it feels like.

Right now everything is in my head though, so I want to paint a picture of what I’m seeing in seven months.

Here’s my vision for The Conference For Men:

300 men from all over the world. Yes, we’ve doubled in size in the past 48 hours.

Lectures, workshops, and panels from thought leaders in sexuality, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. Panels of younger men, panels of older men, and panels of some of the most amazing women in the world.

Deep work all weekend around: integrity, purpose, confidence, opening into love, sexual practice, playing to your edge, emotional intimacy, serving the feminine, commitment, sexual shame, limiting beliefs, releasing the past, building trust, facing your fears, advanced body practices, working with your breath, becoming a father, health, wealth, and death.

Exercises and workshops designed to push you to your edge. This won’t be a conference to leisurely sit with a notebook and take notes. We’re going to be implementing in real time.

An after party that you’ll never forget. And you all know how much I like throwing parties.

I see a super awesome event space in Downtown San Diego that’s walking distance to restaurants, hotels, and the after party. I don’t think it’s a hotel. I think it’s a museum, historical building, or theatre. Who knows, maybe it’s a hotel though.

I see men sharing openly and honestly. I see men being seen for the first time. I see some men walking away with friendships deeper than anything they’ve ever experienced before. I see men walking out a foot taller in confidence, presence, and determination.

I see healing. I see minds being blown. I see men getting out of their seats a lot.

I see 300 Warriors Of Love walking back out into the world with their heads held high.

Here’s all I know for certain:

  • The Conference For Men will be in San Diego, CA on April 25-27
  • Samuel Hershberger (The One) will be my right hand man for the event
  • The rest of my team is slowly building as friends and colleagues step up to share their gifts
  • I have some pretty amazing speakers lined up already
  • You’re going to want to be there

So, where is that event space? What else do I need to think about? And who else wants to get involved?

  • Jack

    LOVE IT. This is exciting! It’s already on my calendar 😉

  • Matthew Riley

    Fantastic idea. Nice to see a conference for men that is focused on them building actual open relationships with themselves and others. Not learning tips and tricks to manipulate women but learning how to display their confidence and attract the great things in the world.

  • Matthew Hawley

    Grrrr… I created this effing great comment* and then went to sign into Discus and it was gone!

    Anyway, I want to help. I am a less-than-thriving life/executive/success/personal coach who is interested in the possibility of serving men specifically (perhaps exclusively/almost-exclusively).

    * I’ll chalk the first post vanishing as a sign from the Universe that any of those details were meant to be shared post-this-Comment…

    Again, very interested in your work, The Conference and ensuring its success and bring forth a new wave of great/evolved men.

    • Joshua

      Come on Matthew. Step up. Fuck the sign from the universe. If you want to thrive…you type that shit out again! Winners do whatever it takes!

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  • Maggie Reyes

    I love it! I am just glad you are in the world, doing what you do! Rock ON!

  • John Corcoran

    Sounds really interesting, Michael. With 300 people, I think it would be tough to have too many breakout sessions, but I think you could have perhaps 2-3 options per breakout session.

    I’ve guest blogged for Art of Manliness before and I can tell you (you already know this) there’s a very large demand for this type of thing.

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  • Alla

    I mean, I love being a woman… But this sounds crazily amazing 🙂 Rock on!