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Brain Dump


I had a meeting with Deon D’Silva from The Foundation on Wednesday. He’s their “Reality Implementer.” Meaning he helps take all the brilliant ideas from Dane and Andy’s heads and turn them into reality.

I think he’s the most important person in the growth of their company right now. The world needs more Deons.

We talked all about automation, documentation, outsourcing, and systemizing for an hour straight. All of my weak areas.

He gave me this simple exercise to do as I complained about the mountain of work that has been piling up since I announced this conference just a month ago.

He told me to get a notebook and hand write everything in my head onto a To-Do List. So I wrote. And wrote. And wrote some more.

And then the weight was gone. Just like that.

As I looked at the list of everything looking back at me I realized that half of it I didn’t need to do right now. A good number of items I didn’t even want to do anymore. Several of them I outsourced to members on my core team.

Then I had space to create again. Instantly.

When’s the last time you took a brain dump? It’s probably been a while.

Go relieve yourself.

  • phildrolet

    Totally agree. It’s my go-to method when I feel overwhelmed.

    There’s magic in getting stuff out of our head, and onto a screen/paper.

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  • David Hrostoski

    Damn yo, that’s brilliant. Doing that today.