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I’m In Way Over My Head

I'm In Way Over My Head

I’m in way over my head right now.

The Conference For Men is moving along well, but wow, it’s a beast.

It feels surreal walking into the nicest hotels in San Diego and not blinking when they say, “It will be around $25,000 to rent this space for your after party.”

And this thing in January in a mansion that you haven’t even heard of yet? Damn, it’s a lot of work too.

I had dinner with my buddy Morten Haugum Hake this weekend in LA.

I was talking about how much stress I suddenly have with multiple massive projects in the near future.

He looked at me in the eye and said to me directly, “I’ve been way over my head for the past four years.”

You see, Morten built the largest personal development conference in Scandinavia when he was 22. And he’s continued to grow it year after year.

Then there’s my good friends Dane Maxwell and Andy Drish from The Foundation. When we met at SXSW a year and a half ago they were just a couple of kids who were pretty good at marketing. Andy wasn’t even working with Dane yet.

Now they’re taking over the Internet and helping thousands of people in the process. They’re building an empire.

Guys like that inspire me. And remind me that being way over my head is exactly where I need to be.

Even if I wake up every morning in a slight panic.


PS – What was a time when you were in way over your head? Did it kill you? Or did you rise up to meet the challenge?

  • Daniel Jarvis

    It obviously didn’t kill me, but there were times when it came close :). There were also a few times where I failed miserably but that didn’t kill me either. Not even close.

  • KarolGajda

    I feel like I should have dozens of examples of feeling in over my head when attempting something, but I can’t think of any right now.

    Though I guess I feel a bit in over my head right now while putting together a book proposal. “Who do I think I am wanting to write a book through a traditional publisher?” That sort of thing.

    On another note I’ve had moments where I’ve felt, “wow, I really should have felt more stressed out about that.” Meaning, in retrospect I realized I was in over my head, but didn’t feel it while in the thick of it.

  • Joel Zaslofsky

    Michael, I’m about two months behind you in the event planning stages. It’s scaring the bajesus out of me and I know I’ll be way over my head … which is why I need to do it.

    I’m creating the first national simplicity themed event in the U.S. (and probably the world) in my home town of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, somewhere between mid-Sept to mid-Oct 2014. The problem is I know almost exactly how much over my head this event is, especially if I get the 150-200 people I want to join me. I created a curated playbook in Excel of every step in the process – categorized, sub-categorized, and with best practices built in – that stares at me to say, “Seriously, dude? You think that *you* can pull this off?!”

    I’d be happy to share the resource with you if you think it would help. I gotta say though, I wish I had some of the people resources that you do helping you out. My hope is that I’ll be getting a flood of people offering to help me too as I make my plans public in the next couple of weeks.

    You’re doing inspiring (and groovy) stuff, man! Keep it up and I’ll be thinking about ways that I might support you.