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Do Something

Stop Reading Start Doing

I don’t watch very much television.

Most of my friends don’t either.

But some of them will brag about “not watching any television,” but then spend six hours a day reading blogs. It’s the same thing though… overconsumption.

If you’ve been with me on this blogging journey for a while, then you know that I have a couple of key themes that come up from time to time in my writing. And this is one of them.

Do something.

Do what? I don’t care. Whatever makes your toes curl.

But just do something.

Aristotle once said, “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” How true.

I’ve met men who “know” everything there is to know about women. They could even effectively coach or mentor other guys on the art of sex, love and intimacy. Their brains are chock full of information about body language, social dynamics, and demonstrating value.

But they haven’t had sex in over a year. Or ever. They’ve just been reading about it on the Internet.

It’s one thing to spend hundreds of hours reading about how to be more attractive to women.

It’s another to walk up to directly that woman who makes you lose your breath a little when they’re in front of you and start a conversation. And I’ve done it enough to know that the butterflies never go away. And I’ve also done it enough to know that the butterflies are your guides to what you really want in life.

Every time I’ve been a little bit afraid to do something, I’ve never felt any regret after going for it. Lots of women have rejected me. Lots of organizations have rejected me as a speaker or guest blogger. Several people who I respect a lot said No to speaking at The Conference For Men.

But I keep pushing forward.

What do you want your tombstone to read?

1. “Here lies Mike, he knew a lot of stuff and read a lot of books.”

2. “Here lies Mike, he did a lot of stuff that was worth writing books about.”

Do something.

Please, I don’t care what it is.

But the feeling of exhilaration you get when you do something that scares you a little is unlike anything in the world. And small wins quickly snowball into big wins.

And one day you wake up and you don’t recognize your life anymore.

But you have to stop reading so much. You have to stop over analyzing every decision and just take a leap of faith. You have to be a little reckless and scrape your knees a little.

You have to say “Fuck It” and dive in headfirst.

Do something.


I’ll be on the sidelines cheering you on.


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  • Dave Booda

    Oh we won’t be on the sidelines my friend 🙂

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Good point.

      “I’ll be one step ahead of you, running headfirst into battle like a fucking madman, wearing a kilt and a helmet, swinging a mace over my head.” 😉

  • Pascal Wagner

    I loved this post.
    Definitely with you an this reinforcement goes a long way.
    Thank you Mike

  • mikedariano

    “Nobody cries at the end of a movie about a guy who bought a Volvo.” -> Donald Miller, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years.

  • Steve Daar

    Great Aristotle quote.

    Any advice on how to move from ‘information feasting & action famine’ to the first couple of times taking action? Or is it as simple as resolving to do it and then following through?