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Buy My Childhood Home

Buy My Childhood Home

My dad is selling the house that I grew up in from the age of 10. It makes sense, we’ve all moved on and gone our separate ways now.

He sent me the listing by email today. And something about the house seemed off.

It looked great.

I found it a little strange that the house that I grew up in is in the best shape that I’ve ever seen it in.

New paint, new tile, clean backyard, trimmed bushes, no weeds. It looks amazing.

It definitely didn’t look like that when I lived there.

Our cars are the cleanest before we sell them. Our homes the brightest and shiniest before we put them on the market. Our relatives the best-dressed and meticulously groomed at their wake.

Somehow that seems unfair.

I’ve been consciously homeless for the past two years. Actually 1 year, 11 months, and 22 days. Selling all of your material possessions is one thing. Losing your childhood home completely is another.

But learning to accept loss is one of the greatest lessons to be learned on this journey called life. I’m becoming an expert at it.

It’s funny, you can sell anything on the Internet these days. I’m selling you the house I grew up in. That makes me chuckle a little.

Thousands of people will read this post. And all it takes is one sale.

I wonder if this will actually work. I wonder what else I could sell on my blog.

Wait… I wonder what else you could sell on your blog. Or on Facebook. Or on Instagram. Or on craigslist.

I wonder what else you could sell if you didn’t care about what other people thought about you.

I wonder what else you could sell if you didn’t think selling was “dirty, slimy, manipulative, or evil.”

I wonder how much more money you’d make this year if you just directly asked more people to purchase your services or products.

Probably a lot.

Sometimes all you have to do is ask. You’d be surprised.


PS – Wanna buy my childhood home? My dad would appreciate it.

PPS – I hope you make lots of money this year.

  • Sean Tessier

    Mike, thanks for asking the questions. Thanks for showing the possibility space.