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Be Willing To Change Everything

Be Willing To Change Everything

Make commitments and keep them.

Make commitments and keep them.

I say that a lot.

Because being a trustworthy man means you keep your commitments. It means you honor those around you. You honor their time, their energy, and their support.

But sometimes, things just don’t work out the way that you expected.

And sometimes the best options for all parties involved is to totally change everything.

Sometimes the best option truly is divorce.

Sometimes the best option is actually walking away from the business partnership that you created because it’s killing the both of you.

Sometimes the best option is letting the company fail after five years of hard work, because there just isn’t a market for your product anymore.

Yes, sometimes the best route is to completely change everything. Not only for you, but for the sake of all beings.

I’m faced with one of those moments now.

The Conference For Men isn’t what I thought it was going to be.┬áBut then again, it’s that how life always seems to pan out?

There are some 90 tickets accounted for right now. And today is the deadline for registration.

Part of me feels completely triumphant.

The registration list is full of names of men that I look up to. Men from three continents are flying into San Diego in two weeks. Our private Facebook group is blowing up with engagement and the men are already diving deep into their sticking points.

And the schedule is going to blow these men away. So many exercises. So many learning opportunities that they will never get anywhere else. And that big surprise we have planned.

But then part of me feels like a failure.

I really wanted 300 men. Honestly, I just wanted to say we have 300 so we could do the whole Spartan theme. Dumb reason, lesson learned.

I wish I had started marketing the conference earlier. But I had to work through my own internal stuff before I could. And I’m so glad I did. This experience will serve me forever.

And throughout the past six months I’ve made numerous mistakes as I did something new almost every day. I’ve been growing so fast lately that for most of it I felt like I was riding a bicycle down a hill at 100 mph, gripping onto the handlebars, shaking violently, just trying not to get thrown off.

Renting conference space, negotiating with venues, getting speakers on board, doing interviews all over the Internet, doing webinars, creating an affiliate program, buying Facebook ads, creating the perfect schedule, and selling men directly on the phone or in person.

All new. All terrifying.

So here I sit, two weeks out of the biggest weekend of my life…

And I feel great.

Does that mean all the fear and anxiety is gone? No.

But the joy, excitement, giddiness, and anticipation is louder. Way louder.

And it’s fucking happening! This weekend is going to be tremendous.

Every single person involved in this event will step up their game to the next level. The attendees, the speakers, the team leaders, and myself. In fact, it’s already happening.

Yes, things are good indeed, but in this moment, there are some changes that need to be made. For the sake of all beings.

Here they are…

1. The Deadline for Buying Tickets is Extended to April 18

The deadline was today. But the momentum around this event has been building in a way that there are some men that are just hearing about it now. So it has now been extended by a week.

2. You can Bring a Friend for $100

We added a two ticket package for $895. This will allow a man to bring a friend, split the costs of the tickets/hotel, and have a little added support throughout the weekend.

3. We are Covering at Least Two of Your Meals

I have a lot of money to spend at the Wyndham. So we will be covering no less than two of your meals. Which will be pretty badass considering the company that we will get to spend them with.

4. We’ve Got A Sales Team (For A Week!)

Are you great at sales? Do you believe in my mission of a world of fully integrated men? Do you want to make an extra couple thousand dollars in a week?

If this is a yes, then email Sam Hershberger at sam [at] hershberger [dot] co. Yes, .co not .com. Use subject line: “I Want To Sell.”

5. I’m Creating Space For You

For two of the biggest decisions of my life, I waited until the absolute last minute to take the leap. I was the last person to sign up for my life coach training program and the first David Deida intensive.

So for anyone who feels like I did, I’m opening up my schedule next week to have conversations.

With men like you who are teetering on the brink of greatness. With men like you that really, really want to attend The Conference For Men, but might have some objections, fears, or hangups about attending.

I totally understand how it feels to operate with a mix of fear and anticipation, it just means you’re ready to step up to the next level.

Contact me here and I’ll set up some time to chat next week.


Yes, be willing to change everything.

You are important. Your time and energy is important. And the work you are doing makes a difference.

So be willing to make the necessary changes in your life to support you, your mission, and the world.

  • Wan Muhammad Zulfikri Bin Wan

    “So be willing to make the necessary changes in your life to support you, your mission, and the world.”
    It’s all about being flexible.

    Looks like a great conference. I’ll probably join if you have another one next year. That’s considering that I have enough dough to spare haha. I’m still building my income so we’ll see how it goes.