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When All You Want Is Nothing

When All You Want Is Nothing

I just wrapped up another amazing road trip adventure with David all over the West Coast. It was one of the most intense months of my life.

David got stung by a sting ray in San Diego.

GQ Magazine flew me out to NYC for a photo shoot.

I facilitated five events at World Domination Summit, some as large as 86 people and some as small as 14 people.

One of my closest friends Max Mendoza passed away.

David dropped out of college, despite being on a full ride scholarship.

I attended Catalyst Week in Las Vegas and spoke at an Inspire! speaker series.

David turned 21 and we created agreements in our relationship and a new way of relating together as adults.

And in the first three days of August I ran my first retreat for the men in my Ultimate Men’s Mastermind.

Throughout the month we also had lunch, dinner, or stayed with some of the most interesting people I know. Bryan Bayer, Jadah Sellner, Diane Hunter, Amateo Ra, Nathaniel Solace, Diane Hunter, Dave Booda, Noah Hammond, Corrin LaCombe, Amanda Goodall, George Gaines, David Landau, and Jane Guyn. I know I’m leaving people out by I don’t feel like looking back right now.

Oh yeah, and I wrote a chapter every day to document everything that went on in July. Meaning I’ll have my second book launching sometime later this year.


I’m staying at my friend Edith Swiatek’s in my hometown of Tucson, AZ. Her family has a guest house here.

I texted Liz this morning with this message:

“OMG. Sleeping alone is amaaaaaazing. Who woulda thought?”

Yes, who would have thought that in this lifetime one of my greatest joys would be sleeping in a room alone in the Sonoran Desert.

In this moment, my deepest desire is for Nothing. And I’m looking forward to giving it to myself in heavy helpings.

I’ve been on a living spree for the past two and a half years and this nomadic chapter is slowly coming to an end. The details aren’t finalized yet, but I should be moving somewhere in October close to the beach with this one woman I love a lot.

And once I’m settled in I’m going to do a whole lot of nothing.

Let Go.



They are words that we see all the time in our favorite author’s writings, but how many of us actually know how to let go?

The Art of Letting Go might be one of the most important things you learn in this lifetime.

Some people call it non-attachment.

I call it realizing that everything and everyone that you Love will at some point be taken away from you. Either you will die, they will die, it will break, it will be stolen, it will be misplaced, or it will become obsolete.

Which is the good news.

Because from this place of non-attachment, or letting go, or desiring nothing can you look at this thing that you love the most and say:

“Wow, I love you so much. And this moment in time is the only thing that’s certain. So let’s make magic together.”

Yes, laptop that I am typing on in Edith’s kitchen, let’s make magic together.

Yes, Liz, who I still feel deeply connected to from some 400 miles away, let’s make magic together.

Yes, my 2011 Toyota Camry that has driven me all over the United States multiple times, let’s make magic together.




Now is the only thing that is real.

When you’re in the Now, your taste buds are piqued, your eyes see what’s behind the illusion of separateness, and your body is ready and willing to allow in as much pleasure as humanly possible.

In this moment, I’m realizing that I sometimes talk like one of those Zen guys with the funny beard. And a small piece of me is resisting that.

But I’ll keep saying what’s most true in my heart, because that’s a whole lot easier than trying to edit myself so people like me more.

I used to think financial freedom was the ultimate goal. Now I think it’s more along the lines of “spiritual and emotional freedom.”

Because the only thing that has been consistently with me for these 33 years of life has been my body, my thoughts, and my feelings.

So if I get that totally aligned, then I’ve created heaven on Earth. At least that’s what feels the most true right now.

Hmm, this blog post is not my favorite.

I’m hitting publish anyway.

This is fun.


PS – I’m speaking at The Great Love Debate in San Diego next week! Get your tickets here and use the promo code MIKE20 for half off of your ticket.

  • Adventurous Andrea

    You were hanging out with some amazing individuals!

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Yeah, I feel so blessed. I essentially live in a TED Talk.

  • Dameron Midgette

    Fuckin’ A

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Fuckin A indeed. What if?

  • paulina

    Gorgeous. xoxo
    Stirred my heart. Big time.

  • Megan Zimring

    This was wonderful

  • Tim Schmidt

    “Wow, I love you so much. And this moment in time is the only thing that’s certain. So let’s make magic together.”