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After You Spill Your Guts

After Your Spill Your Guts

Liz and I both spilled our guts all over the Internet this weekend.

I posted my recap of Burning Man over here.

And she posted her Year-In-Review post over there.

If you haven’t read them yet, you probably should. You’ll learn more about life in an hour than you would from reading that list of books in your Amazon Kindle queue.

Because the best way to learn about life is to live it fully at the edges of your comfort zone with an open heart and a beginner’s mind. The next best way to learn is from someone else who is.

Why else do you think I spend so much time around people much braver, bolder, wilder, richer, and smarter than I am?

Anyway, back to spilling our guts…

Did we plan on releasing these pieces of work at the same time? Nope.

We don’t plan things together. In fact, we consciously stay out of each other’s businesses because talking about business for us is a little depolarizing.

Which means I want to be fucking my partner, not telling her all the ways where she could be making more money. I want to be enjoying the hell out of life with her, not constantly talking about email subscribers, copywriting, launch sequences, and YouTube videos. I want to spend our time together cuddling and giving each other massages, not getting sucked into the neverending spiral of “more, more, more.”

Yes, I could always be making more money. But I could also be making more love.

I typically choose the latter as the long term health benefits outweigh the short term gains of an extra couple thousand bucks a month.

So it’s funny when stuff like this happens at the same time, because we didn’t plan it at all. It just happens.

And here’s what happens every time I spill my guts on the Internet.


1. Nothing changes

I don’t die.

No one tells me they don’t love me anymore.

I don’t spontaneously combust into flames.

Life just keeps moving on.

Most people are so busy focusing on their own lives to even care about what I’m doing over here in my little corner of the Internet.

As they should be.


2. Everything changes

I feel a little lighter in my chest.

I feel more powerful as a man.

My voice becomes more clear and more aligned.

I feel more connected to my partner. Our barriers to intimacy keep getting blown away left and right with every courageous conversation. When I give her a hug my entire body relaxes into hers, knowing that I have nothing to hide.

I feel like no one can take my power away. Because they can’t.

Radical self love and total self acceptance is an immeasurable currency that outweighs all.


3. It send ripples through the universe

Every time I spill my guts, it sends ripples through the universe.

Every time I speak my truth, I get emails from all over the world from people telling me that something I wrote inspired them to quit their job, leave their marriage, tell the truth to their partner, or take that road trip.

Sometimes I rip through someone’s life like a natural disaster.

I’ve had people say, “That post you wrote totally fucked my life up. My marriage, my relationship with my parents, my career. It’s all changing so rapidly.”

But really what they are saying is, “Thank you for shining a light on the pieces that I was too afraid to look at myself. Now I have a little work to do, but I know I’ll be so much happier when I push through to the end.”

Alignment is priceless.

And the pathway to being fully aligned is paved in courageous conversations.


Yes, every time I spill my guts nothing changes, everything changes, and it sends ripples through the universe.

But this story isn’t about me, it’s about you.

What truths are currently left unspoken? Where could you use a little more alignment in your relationships? What secrets are eating you up from the inside out?

Just spill your guts.

Nothing will change.

Everything will change.

And you’ll send ripples through the universe.


PS – Tonight is a full moon, a Super Moon in fact. Just saying…

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  • TJ Nelson

    And the crazy thing about spilling your guts and being vulnerable on the Internet: you never know how many people’s lives were affected that didn’t email you.

    A lot of your posts and vulnerability is very inspiring for me, but I don’t comment on every post telling you.

    So keep doing it 🙂

    • Mike Hrostoski

      You too brother. I so appreciate your voice in The Conference For Men Facebook group. It’s been fucking wild watching you run headfirst into challenge after challenge. So fun this life is! 🙂

  • Juan Orellana

    I like the way you’re so open and not caring what others might think of you Mike. Personally, I don’t feel the need to spill my guts over the Internet, maybe I’m not ready, I don’t know. Howevere, I’m confronting personal stuff head on and part of doing this has been reading your stuff, Thanks a lot (Y)

    • Mike Hrostoski

      I totally agree. This path isn’t for everybody. It just sort of organically happened for me as I kept expanding my comfort zone.

      Spilling your guts could mean:
      * Journaling to yourself and then burning the letters
      * Telling something vulnerable to someone you love
      * Talking to a therapist or a coach
      * Going to a 12-step program
      * Telling your parents how much you love them
      * Saying I’m Sorry to someone who you hurt and sharing why you acted that way

      There’s all sorts of varying levels of truth telling. All of them are good.

      Thanks for the thanks! 🙂

  • Zachary Stockill

    “Most people are so busy focusing on their own lives to even care about what I’m doing over here in my little corner of the Internet.

    As they should be.”

    ^ Upvoted.

    Good post.