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I’m Here To Teach Or Learn

I'm Here To Teach Or Learn

So… you want to hang out?

Have something to teach me or be open to learning.

Share with me your deepest gifts that make you unique or open up your mind as I share mine.

Let’s rub against each other like rocks in a tumbling machine until we step out as two polished stones.

Let’s wrestle with our beliefs, our hearts, or maybe even with our bodies.

I’m not here to fuck around.

I’m not here to be your friend.

I’m not here to collect medals, certifications, or Facebook likes.

I’m here to explore the outermost edges of being human.

I’m here to keep taking one shaky step forward each and every day… even when there is no longer a path.

I’m here to destroy people with love.

Because my time on this piece of rock hurtling through space is finite, just like yours my friend.

And I want to be either learning or teaching.

And the best way for me to learn is to move through this world with the eyes of a child, asking questions, assuming nothing, following the clues, and playing with everything and everyone.

And the best way for me to teach is to be fully present with you, giving you nothing but my undivided attention and unconditional love, and responding only when it’s the perfect question you need to awaken just a little bit more.

So… you want to hang out?

What can you teach me?


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  • Annika Stahlberg

    Can you believe this was on my mind just today? My greatest gift lies in my ability to be completely myself and thereby give others permission to do the same. I love the men in my life unconditionally, while challenging them to step into their true power.
    What can I teach you? I can teach you to teach anything. All skills can be broken down into subskills that once mastered will allow you to master the art. Im an expert at taking unconscious knowledge and breaking it down for beginners to see. I’ve done it with dancing (musicality + how to lead + a few basic moves & variations = the foundation of dance), languages, and am exploring whether the same can be done with being a conscious, open-hearted man (or a sensual, powerful woman). If it can, I’m opening a school of sex & sensuality 🙂
    Thanks for posting xxx

  • Anna

    I’m really good at deconstructing limiting beliefs and thoughtpatterns. This allows people to unlock their true desires and how they are the only ones holding themselves back from being, having and doing whatever they want. If You’re a master manipulator, I imagine You are, I can teach You that or just show You things about Yourself You’ve never seen before- shadows are Your best teachers, as You know 😉

  • James M. Ranson

    I’m already learning plenty from you, and I anticipate continuing that for a long time. But now I have a goal: teach you something. I’ll let you know when I figure out what it will be. 🙂

  • Stephanie Brun

    I won’t teach you as you expect… I will simply remind you who you truly are 🙂

  • Duke

    I will teach you how to have a great weekend in Mexico. Just a step away from where you live.

  • Belal

    I can teach you contactimprovisation. It’s a dance between 2 or more people.
    To totally feel into each other. To give and take impulses and let those impulses fly through your body and into the other person.
    It’s as if two bodies merge into one and really amazing things can happen. It’s allowing yourself to explore in unison with the other and discovering new ways to stand up, sit down, carry each other and everything inbetween. Amazing feeling.

  • Frank Meza

    I can teach you the process that I recently started using to fall asleep in under ten minutes after a lifetime of insomnia starting from about age 10. Man, it’s been great!

  • Harry Poliak

    I can teach you that what is unarguably true only exists in your body, all else is arguable.