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I Am A Man And This Is My Vow

I Am A Man And This Is My Vow

I am a man.

And this is my vow.

I will show up. Like no man ever has before. I will be the hero of my life story.

I will love the company of other men. I will allow them to support me and support them when asked. We will laugh and hug and cry together as we walk together in the trenches of life.

I will challenge my brothers. We will sharpen each other in friendly combat. Not with knives and guns, but with words and perspectives. I will take delight in their feedback, drinking it in as it fuels my power and purpose.

I will reach behind and grab the hands of the men one or two steps behind me, knowing that in the future they will do the same.

I will be an amazing father. Whether or not my partner and I choose to create human life, I will show up fully for the young ones in my life.

I will heal my core wounds with women. I will love them again, I will trust them again, I will allow myself to feel safe around them again. I will stop being a hurt, little boy and step into becoming a strong, powerful man.

I will make every woman in my life feel safe and appreciated in my presence. I will stand beside them side by side as equals, navigating this game of life together.

I will fuck like a wild animal. I will penetrate her with the awareness of life, death, God, and eternity. I will hold nothing back in the playground of our sex.

I will not rape women, I will not hit women, I will not silence women. I will love women, I will support women, I will protect women.

I will keep my commitments. I will always do what feels most aligned with my values and in my heart. I will find infinite power in my trustworthiness.

I will share my art with the world, even if it isn’t perfect. I will sing and dance and write and love and create. I will turn these ideas in my head into physical manifestations that will inspire others to also turn their insides into outsides.

I will fully enjoy the pleasures of life and honor my humanness. I will fuck and eat and dance and laugh and be grateful for every moment that I am alive.

I will not be a spectator. I will not watch the world through a shiny rectangle in my living room. I will move my body, exercise my voice, and be an integral part of my community.

I will question conventional wisdom. I will no longer do things just because my parents, professors, or pastors told me to. I will lead from my heart, knowing that it will always lead me in the right direction. I will trust the wisdom within.

I will forgive those who have hurt me in the past, knowing that forgiving them doesn’t mean that what they did was right. It just means I get to take my power back.

I will cry until it doesn’t hurt anymore. I will refuse to let emotions get trapped in my body. I will feel my way into freedom.

I will find my way back to my heart, knowing that is it the longest and hardest journey for most of us to make. I will not go through this life like a robot, numb and lifeless. I will be alive.

I will not go down without a fight. I will pick these fights not against my fellow brothers and sisters, but against ignorance, hatred, apathy, and fear.

I will never claim to have it “all figured out.” I will see every person in front of me as my greatest teacher and keep my mind open and receptive like when I was an infant. I will always operate from the space of beginner mind, seeing the world as my classroom, no matter how “smart” society says I am.

I will not fall into the trap of security and comfort. I will say yes to adventure. I will be that crazy old man with the unbelievable stories.

I will honor the contract that I made with death when I took my first breath and undoubtedly will take a last. I will not waste a minute of this one wild and precious life.

I will love myself with reckless abandon. I will love every inch of my body, every time that I “fail,” every time when I want to quit, every limitation that I refuse to hold me back, and every lie that I ever believed that made me ever believe that I wasn’t lovable.

I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.

I will fuck up every day. And laugh when I do.

I will love like there’s no tomorrow. Because it’s true.

I will see the God in everything. Even you.

And I will serve the Goddess until my last breath. Big Mama and Little Mama.

Because we are all one and the same.

I am a Man.

And this is my vow.


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  • Joshua Barad

    Wow–I may have to read this each morning. Giving thanks to all that you are and how you continue to show up,, just as a man. I’m inspired by your path–everyday , a deeper dive into the soul. It looks like you’ve just created your MANifesto . I’m curious, how did it feel just after you wrote the last word?

    • Mike Hrostoski

      Felt good. Watched the second Hunger Games last night and afterwards this whole blog post just came through. Had to write it before I went to bed. Inspiration is funny like that.

  • Richard

    Out fucking standing Mike !

  • Alex Heffron

    Amazing. I need to print this out. Thank you for writing it Mike.

  • Adrienne Martin

    Amazing, thank you for writing this & being you & and living this vow as best you can. Your writing speaks to me so.

  • Freeman LaFleur

    Mike. You are on fire! Your blog is one of the few I consistently read and I’ve enjoyed every post. You’ve inspired me to live with a bigger heart and a better outlook. You da man! Thank you for sharing.

  • Bharath D Sreenath

    fucking awesome!

  • Andrew Miles

    Damn, Mike. This is amazing. The fire, the passion. I’m drinking it in and loving every drop.