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Is Asking For Help Weak Or Badass?

I Need Your Help

I need your help.

Can you support me?

I don’t have it all figured out.

The three sentences above are true for me, Mike Hrostoski, in this moment.

They are also sentences that I would never be caught dead speaking out loud a decade ago.

A decade ago I would have pushed through silently, wondering why life had to be so damn hard. I would be keeping everything to myself and would numb out with drugs, alcohol, video games, or food to make the stress go away.

I would believe myths like “real men don’t ask for help” or “big boys don’t cry.” Which would keep me suffering in isolation, questioning my existence, and disconnected from the outside world around me.

You see, I’ve lived inside the “man box” for most of my life. And now that I’m out I’m never going back.

I love living a life that is so rich with emotion and pleasure that every day is an adventure in itself. I love having men in my life who I consider my brothers who I can say “I love you” you on the phone freely. And I love being able to live a life out loud without giving a solitary fuck on whether it’s manly or cool or if people will like me. But still…

I need your help.

Over the past several months, I’ve spent most of my waking hours creating¬†the biggest project of my life up until now, The School For Men.

It’s everything that a man needs to master the game of life.

Content, Commitment, Consistency, and Community. The 4 C’s as we like to call them.

Why did I create The School For Men?

Because I spent two and a half years traveling the world running men’s groups, hosting happy hours, creating live events, and working 1-on-1 with a small group of extraordinary men.

And even though most of them are too stubborn to admit it, they are in a lot of pain.

For most of them it’s pain that has been lying dormant for decades.


Because “real men don’t ask for help” and “big boys don’t cry.” If you want to see the rest of the 10 Myths That Are Ruining Men’s Lives, check them out for free here.

Yes, men are in pain. A lot of pain.

And the reason why is because they are afraid of asking for help.

Maybe they were made fun of on the playground for crying.

Maybe they were raised in a single parent household where they had to be “the man of the house” in elementary school.

Or maybe their fathers literally beat it out of them.

The bottom line is…

Men are terrified of asking for help.

It’s why the suicide rates for men are 3 to 4 times that of women.

It’s why men let their lives come to a point where everything just implodes around them.

And it’s why men are so hesitant to have a real conversation with¬†someone whether it’s a friend, therapist, or coach.

Yes, I need your help in spreading my message. I need your help in spreading my work.

I’ve already helped hundreds of men from the ages of 20 to 60 to reconnect with their balls, their voice, and their power.

You can watch some of their stories on my YouTube channel. Watch their faces light up as they talk about their lives.

You can’t fake joy.

And I can’t fake anything now.

This is me, still living a life without secrets, sharing what’s really going on in my life.

And what’s really going on is that I need your help.

Registration for The School For Men starts on March 30.

I’m limiting the first class to 100 spots.

I’ve met so many of you at conferences, happy hours, men’s groups, dinners, and parties over the past several years.

And if we’ve met in person, I know that you know where my heart is at when it comes to this work.

And I really need your help.

So will you help me?

Great! Here’s exactly how you can help over the next several weeks.


1. Share The Free Video Training Series On Social Media And With The Men You Love

I spent hundreds of hours writing, editing, and shooting to create this video series to support men in their growth.

So far the videos have reached 80 countries and counting and men have been emailing me saying that it’s exactly what they needed to get reconnected with their goals and dreams.

The first video shares The 10 Myths That Are Ruining Men’s Lives And How To Overcome Them.

The second video shares The 4 C’s That Every Man Needs To Master The Game Of Life.

And the third video shares Real Life Stories of men who have completely upgraded their lives, all of them in less than a year.

Even men who have done a lot of work have told me that they learned something new, so this series is for all of the men in your life regardless of age or expertise.


2. Introduce Me To Content Providers Who Are Aligned With My Message

Do you know someone who has a podcast, YouTube channel, or interview series with a sizable audience that I would be aligned with?

I would love an introduction.


3. Shoot Me A Nice Email, Text, Or Facebook Message

I don’t know if you’ve ever done a major product launch or created something huge from scratch, but it’s the wildest rollercoaster ride imaginable. A whirlwind of emotions, huge wins coupled with insane challenges, and more growth than you can handle. Day after day after day.

I’ve been so focused on creating that I really haven’t had the usual time to chat with friends and just talk about life.

And I miss a lot of you. Gone are the days when I would sit with friends in living rooms in Europe and just talk for hours and write blogs about it.

So if you’re one of my friends who I haven’t hugged in a while, an email or text or Facebook message would be pretty rad today.

After you share the free video series with the men in your life who could use it.


Yes, I need your help.

And even though I’ve jumped out of multiple airplanes, sold everything that I owned, traveled the world for 31 months, delivered speaking engagements to over 400 people, and wrote openly about almost every taboo subject imaginable online…

This is one of the most badass and courageous things I’ve done.

Yes, asking for help is badass and courageous.

Let the other dudes in your life know that.

Because at some point, their life may depend on it.


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