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How I Just Handled A Price Objection

Potential_Client_Name, Thanks for the truth. Now we’re really getting somewhere. See how much deeper we can go when we just both keep telling the truth? I don’t work by the… Read On

I’m Here To Teach Or Learn

So… you want to hang out? Have something to teach me or be open to learning. Share with me your deepest gifts that make you unique or open up your… Read On

31 Things I Learned From 31 Months Of Nonstop Travel

Today I’ll receive the keys to a huge two bedroom condo just minutes from the beach in Carlsbad, CA. I’m moving in with this woman who I love very much…. Read On

Just Kill Yourself

I’m sitting in the back yard of a multi-level single family home in New Hope, PA. The epitome of what you would think if you heard the word “suburbs.” The… Read On

After You Spill Your Guts

Liz and I both spilled our guts all over the Internet this weekend. I posted my recap of Burning Man over here. And she posted her Year-In-Review post over there…. Read On