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I Wish You Weren’t So Scared

I wish you weren’t so scared. I wish you would just take that first step. I wish you would attend a ManKind Project weekend retreat, read The Way Of The Superior… Read On

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

In my coaching practice, my clients regularly come up against limiting beliefs that tell them that they have to make a choice between one thing OR the other. For example, they might… Read On

When All You Want Is Nothing

I just wrapped up another amazing road trip adventure with David all over the West Coast. It was one of the most intense months of my life. David got stung by… Read On

Why Are You So Hard On Yourself?

Tell me friend, Why are you so hard on yourself? Why do you judge yourself so much for the things you did in the past? Why do you feel so… Read On


Sunday, May 11 8:40pm: Starbucks, Point Loma, CA I used to be a rapper. In high school and college I would participate in online rap battles on websites like and… Read On