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I’m Here To Teach Or Learn

So… you want to hang out? Have something to teach me or be open to learning. Share with me your deepest gifts that make you unique or open up your… Read On

Be Willing To Change Everything

Make commitments and keep them. Make commitments and keep them. I say that a lot. Because being a trustworthy man means you keep your commitments. It means you honor those… Read On

You’re On The Right Track

You want to give up. You think your idea is too big. You feel you’re unqualified. You fear that at any moment they’ll figure out that you’re a fraud. You… Read On

Why I’m Giving Up Sex

I’m going completely sober and celibate until July 4. The alcohol is nothing. My brother and I are doing a “Sober Marathon.” Instead of running 26.2 miles, we are spending… Read On

Do Something

I don’t watch very much television. Most of my friends don’t either. But some of them will brag about “not watching any television,” but then spend six hours a day… Read On