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David Made An Album In One Evening

In the past four years, I’ve witnessed a lot of magic firsthand. I’ve ridden bicycles with shamans from Guatemala and felt myself melting into the fabric of the universe. I’ve seen… Read On

The Magic Bullet To Doubling Your Productivity And Accessing Peak Bliss States

You were looking for a magic bullet? Wrong blog my friend. But here’s some advice that I’m giving myself today that you can feel free to listen to if it… Read On

Brain Dump

I had a meeting with Deon D’Silva from The Foundation on Wednesday. He’s their “Reality Implementer.” Meaning he helps take all the brilliant ideas from Dane and Andy’s heads and… Read On

How I Hacked An NBC Casting Call Using Copywriting

Two weeks ago, David and I were sitting in Los Angeles meeting with NBC executives for a new reality TV show called Bear Grylls Adventure. We never went to a… Read On