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Buy My Childhood Home

My dad is selling the house that I grew up in from the age of 10. It makes sense, we’ve all moved on and gone our separate ways now. He… Read On

I Choose To Feel

Today is my brother’s 20th birthday. I spent the first waking moments of the day reading THIS POST by my friend Chase Reeves. This. Post. This. Fucking. Post. Chase makes… Read On

Never Have Conference Withdrawals Again

If there’s one thing that I’ve grown to appreciate this year, it’s the fact that there is just no substitute for face time. Sure, you might have a great friendship… Read On

Seeking Truth At The World Domination Summit

Note: This is a repost from A Summer To Serve, my home for the next month. David and I just spent a week in Portland as volunteers for the World Domination… Read On

Detoxing Myself Back To Health

  Yesterday marked the end of the I’m Saying No In November Detox. I made it the full 21 days staying completely off of Facebook, doing yoga every morning, and… Read On