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Oh Wait, It’s My Life

I should have a virtual assistant. I should have a project manager. I should have written a book by now. I should have a high end group coaching program. I… Read On

Be Thankful For Your Villains

I was having brunch yesterday in San Diego with my good friends Abe and Charmaine. It was one of those brunches that was something like a mastermind group, support group,… Read On

You Don’t Know Me Anymore

People change. The man that returns home after a tour in Afghanistan isn’t the same man anymore. A woman who gives birth to her first child isn’t the same woman… Read On

My Brother Is The Smart One

David just wrapped up his sophomore year of college at the University of Arizona. He got straight A’s again last semester and is carrying a 3.91 GPA, which keeps him… Read On

The World Needs Your Art

I’m tired of writing. I think. Well, maybe. I recently posted this status update on Facebook to see if anyone else is tired of writing too. “I have dozens of blog… Read On