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Three Men Totally Change Their Lives In One Week

Fortune favors the brave.

And for these three brave men, their actions from last week have earned them a full scholarship into the Fall 2015 class of The School For Men.

After teaching everything from last session’s content live on Periscope we created a contest that rewarded action takers.

The School For Men is all about taking action. No over-philosophizing and endless spiritual debate in our tribe.

Just results.

So in this contest, we gave everyone a week to Take Heroic Action based off of everything they learned in the 16 hours of teaching on Periscope.

We got entries from all over the world.

Some of the videos made me laugh, some made me cry.

But three of them stood out the most.

1. Jared Light

I met Jared at a pool party three years ago in Scottsdale. We immediately hit it off and started talking about women, attraction, and sexuality.

After watching my “I’m Teaching Everything I Know” series on Periscope, he sent me one of the greatest videos anyone has ever sent me.

He then followed this video up with this bold and brilliant share on Facebook. Click on the video below to watch Jared’s week long dive into Emotional Power.

Congratulations Jared on Taking Heroic Action and earning a full scholarship to The School For Men!

2. Kirk Jacobson

Kirk went to college with me at the University Of Arizona, but we hadn’t talked in over a decade. We connected several months ago and talked about love, life, and real estate.

Over the past week Kirk made huge strides in his relationship with Fun & Creativity. He completely shifted relationships with his wife, a long time friend, and a contractor involved in his business.

Here’s him talking about his new results.

Congratulations Kirk on Taking Heroic Action and earning a full scholarship to The School For Men!

3. Chase Boehringer

Chase and I met at World Domination Summit in Portland and connected briefly at several of my hosted events.

He took massive action in his relationship with The World Of Women and interviewed 100 women about their experience as a woman.

After learning a great deal about women, communication, and himself, he shot this video.

Congratulations Chase on Taking Heroic Action and earning a full scholarship to The School For Men!


After watching all of the videos with Netanya and deciding on the winners, I messaged all three of them separately and set up a Skype call to “ask them a quick question about their application.”

Then I dropped the good news on them and recorded their responses (with their permission of course).

Here is my favorite video that I’ve published in a long, long time.

Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

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