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My first public speaking engagement was when I was 5 years old and I’ve been speaking ever since. I’ve spoken in front of groups of thousands and groups that you could count on one hand. And I’ll show up fully for whoever you put me in front of.

My speaking engagements are just like my coaching. One of a kind and custom made for whoever I’m in front of. And my only goal is to change at least one person’s life in the audience. So far I’ve hit my goal every time.

I don’t have a set speaker fee, but at a minimum I require my travel and accommodations to be covered. The more that I’m aligned with you and your organization’s mission, the more likely that I’ll be interested in speaking.

I love to connect with the organizers and the audience and I’ll spend ample time before or after your event to make myself available.

In short, I am here to serve.

Potential Speaking Topics

  • A Life Without Secrets: The Truth Will Set You Free
  • How To Become The Man That Women Love
  • In The Face Of Fear, Take A Bold Step Forward
  • Jedi Mind Tricks – Little Known Secrets Of Creating Love and Connection
  • Q&A with Michael Hrostoski (where all the best gems are anyway)
  • Or whatever your community or organization needs to make a massive shift (let’s jump on the phone and chat about it)

Notable Speaking Engagements

#IM48 by IdeaMensch – Phoenix, AZ
October 2012

Trailblazer’s Retreat – Costa Rica
September 2013

Inner Goddess Unleashed – San Diego, CA
October 2013

Martha Beck Coaches’ Summit – San Diego, CA
March 2014

Inspire! Speaker Series – Las Vegas, NV
July 2014

The Great Love Debate – San Diego, CA
August 2014

Burning Man – Black Rock City, NV
2014, 2015

TEDxSarasota – Sarasota, FL
October 2016

Contact Me To Speak At Your Event

Are you interested in having me speak for your event or organization? Contact me here.

Are you on the fence? Be brave! Just contact me and let’s have a conversation on whether or not we’d be a good fit for each other.

Please include:

  1. Name and website of your event/organization
  2. Location and dates of your event
  3. Desired presentation topic and format
  4. Number of attendees
  5. Your full contact info

Don’t Take My Word For It – Speaker Testimonials


Mike is a powerhouse, an undeniable presence that without words inspires both men and women to be the best version of themselves. Inviting Mike to be a workshop leader at Trailblazer’s Retreat 2013 – Costa Rica was the best intuitive idea I have had to date. When Mike shared his truth, his words and Authentic Relating exercises, the participants (including myself!) effortlessly gave themselves permission to experience our authentic truths. Mike pours his heart out when he is speaking and puts his whole being into every challenge I have put in front of him.

Lynan SapersteinChief Marketing Strategist + Mentor at The Experience Experts

Mike totally rocked his presentation and men’s panel in front of 85 women at Inner Goddess Unleashed. Mike brought the audience his most raw, authentic, and vulnerable self.  His love and light was completely palpable.  I have never heard someone stand in front of a crowd and bring such a level of honesty coupled with grace and gentleness.  I knew he was good, but looking around the room and seeing everyone open up and find their own truth in his story, made me realize the caliber of his speaking ability. It was who he was being and what he was standing for that made the transformation in the room possible. Thank you so much Mike, I am looking forward to collaborating again in the future.

Jolie PinkertonCreator at Inner Goddess Unleashed

You’re not going to find a more emotionally engaging speaker than Mike. He speaks from the heart and the audience follows.

Mario SchulzkeFounder at IdeaMensch