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You Have To Lead With One

Lead With One

You’re a yoga teacher, life coach, graphic designer, tango instructor, massage therapist who also does psychic readings.

I get it. I have a lot of interests too.

I got my yoga teacher certification in 2007. I spend hours every week studying copywriting. I’m diving headfirst into developing my sexual practice. I used to breakdance in high school. I love to travel and have created a life where I’ve been doing it full-time for the past 20 months.

I used to teach public speaking in graduate school. I’ve spent the past two years learning everything I can about internet marketing. I’ve optimized my body through eating 90% Paleo, moving my body a lot, and regularly lifting heavy things. I write almost every day. And I throw some of the best parties you’ll ever attend in your life.

But when you click on my website, you don’t see offerings for private yoga lessons, event planning, personal training, or travel hacking help.

Even though I could sell those services and deliver them well. And make $50-100 an hour doing all of them.

But would you want to pay for personal training from the event planner or get travel advice from the yoga teacher?

No. You’ll give your money to THE (insert profession here).

I give my money to Kyle Durand because he’s THE business foundations guy.

I gave my money to David Deida because he’s THE sexual practice guy.

And I’d give you my money if I knew you were THE __________.

You can have hundreds of interests and talents.

But you have to lead with One.


PS – What are you leading with? How are you showing up in the marketplace?

  • joshlipo

    Beautiful. I’m the Literature dude. THE literature dude who helps makes reading fun, worthwhile, and MEANINGFUL.

  • Max Mendoza

    Knew this was going to be a good one. Good reminder for me & all of us. I am the Community Development guy.

    • Max Mendoza

      Or am I ..

  • Kevin Diamond

    I’m leading with the inventive guy.

    This will stay with me. Great way to gain clarity, keep focused and on point. Good stuff.

  • Adrian Lobo Miramontes

    Great Words to hear at this time – its difficult to pinpoint ONE thing to lead with when one is super talented and passionate in so many aspects. I will meditate on this further. Thank you Brother!

  • Kyle Durand

    Excellent reminder, Mike. It’s takes a ton of discipline for multi-talented entrepreneurs to focus on offering only one of the talents to the market. But, you are absolutely right – people want to hire you for your world-class skill, not the mediocre or even the good ones.

  • Andre Blackman

    One of the things I definitely learned in the past few days. What can I be more or less singularly known for with my clients? Still digging deep. Thanks Mike!

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  • Lasse Larsen

    Really good point, too often I see people with 10 different titles on their business cards and it just makes me think they’re playing all their bets in order to get some… but they’re not focused. I have 2 things, but i don’t have them on the same business card. If I feel one thing is better than the other for the person in question I’ll give them that card etc. Either way they have my info, and can relate to me from the point of the introduction.

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