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Relationships Are Really This Simple

Relationships Are Really This Simple

Relationships are simple. So simple.

It boggles my mind why people don’t just get along. Here’s all that needs to happen for the world to be a better place to live.

Just add Love.


1. Women Start Loving Men More

Women stop complaining about how men just don’t get it.

Women stop trying to control every aspect of their man’s life.

Women start praising all the things that he does right, instead of the one or two things he does wrong.

Women admit that they love having sex too, but were just afraid that they would be shamed for saying so.

Women work through all of the pain from their relationships with their father and their ex-boyfriends to allow themselves to love again.

Women give men a chance to be men, encouraging him to be a little wild, a little reckless and a little free.

Women allow themselves to open their hearts to their men, knowing that their is a chance that they might get hurt, but knowing that this one life isn’t a dress rehearsal so it’s time to play full out.

Women look at the men in their lives with admiration and respect.

Women say to the men in their lives, “I love you. I trust you. I accept you fully.”



2. Men Start Loving Women More

Men respect a women’s choice to have sex with him or not, knowing that it’s her life and her body.

Men love their women even more when they are crying or a little angry, instead of abandoning them when they need him the most.

Men drop all stories about “all women being crazy.” That’s just a lie.

Men speak their truth in every moment, keeping their commitments and asking for what they want.

Men praise their women with compliments, inside and outside of the bedroom, opening her body up with every word.

Men share their feelings with their women, even when it’s a little scary, knowing that vulnerability turns her on.

Men learn when to be soft when she needs him to be soft and intense when she needs him to be intense.

Men learn to modulate their sexual energy around women so as to have deeper connections with all women, even if they are married or in a partnership.

Men look at the women in their lives with admiration and respect.

Men say to the women in their lives, “I love you. You are beautiful. I am here for you.”



3. Men Start Loving Men More

Men stop being competitive about every little detail in their lives.

Men hug other men. They start opening up more about their lives and talk about the things that matter in life.

Men look at other men that are doing well and feel happiness that one of their own is moving along successfully on his journey.

Men don’t shame each other for expressing emotions or doing activities that seem “womanly.”

Men stop cutting each other down and using shame as a motivator.

Men ask other men for help, knowing that they don’t have all the answers themselves.

Men allow themselves to be vulnerable around other men, sharing their secrets and shadows in order to come to a deeper understanding of self.

Men allow their hearts to open up and love another man, realizing that it’s “not gay.”

Men open up so much to other men that they gain brothers that they weren’t born with.

Men say to the men in their lives, “I love you. I support you. I have your back brother.”


4. Women Start Loving Women More

Women stop gossiping about each other behind each others’ backs.

Older women stop being mean to younger women because they are projecting their pain of “losing their youth.”

Older women provide guidance and mentorship to younger women, to help them navigate some of the challenges that they had to deal with in their younger years.

Women look at another beautiful woman with love and admiration, not jealousy and want.

Women don’t shame other women for enjoying sex or dating multiple partners. It’s her life after all.

Women drop the need to be “prettier” than other women, knowing that beauty comes from the inside out.

Women support, cherish, and admire their sisters.

Women say to the other women in their lives, “I love you. I support you. I’m happy for all that you have.”


5. People Start Loving People More

That’s it.

Choosing love over fear. Collaboration over competition. Admiration instead of jealousy.

It’s that fucking simple.

Who cares about how every one else is showing up? How are YOU showing up?

That’s all you can have control over. And ultimately, that’s all you need to work on to live the life of your dreams.

Change the world by changing yourself. Just choose Love in every moment.

Relationships are really this simple.

I promise.


PS – If your knee jerk reaction is, “But what about _______?!?!,” I strongly consider for you to take a deep breath and ask yourself again… “How am I showing up?”

  • Ariel Diamond

    Completely relevant and absolutely true. Thank you for this – it’s a much-needed message.

  • Jo Westwood

    My favourite of all your blogs so far Mike. Releasing judgement and fear and preconceptions and bullshit and just loving. It really is that simple. I find myself saying to the women in my life quite often “Relationships are easier when people are nice to each other.” Your article gives a step by step guide on how to do exactly that. Bravo!

  • Justin Turpin

    “Choose Love.”

  • joshlipo

    Such a beautiful guideline for how to embody Love in this world. Way to be, Mike Hrostoski.

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  • Lasse Larsen

    Can i add… Women/Men Find fulfillment and contentment in your own life so you don’t expect that to be provided by your relationships. Share your gifts and love, but don’t expect others to be the spring that fills you back up.

  • Rickie Paradise

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