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Lean In

Lean In… Most People Are Cowards

Lean In. Most people are cowards. When it looks like there’s nothing left in the relationship… lean in. When your son asks you that question that terrifies you because you… Read On

Channelled With Love

David Made An Album In One Evening

In the past four years, I’ve witnessed a lot of magic firsthand. I’ve ridden bicycles with shamans from Guatemala and felt myself melting into the fabric of the universe. I’ve seen… Read On

Proud Ass Lion

Someone Just Said I Was Boastful

I just got an email from a friend as we were talking about coaching. “…to be completely honest with you was me sensing a boastful air to your marketing where… Read On

Charlie Sheen Winning

I’m Winning And I’m Proud Of It… Finally

It’s 12:34am. I can’t sleep. I’m so full of energy and excitement that I feel like I could pull an all-nighter and then run a half marathon tomorrow. Twenty badass… Read On

Stepping Back Into The Light

I’m Stepping Back Into The Light

I have a really, really great life. I wake up without an alarm. I regularly get emails from people from all over the world telling me how my work has… Read On