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Do That One Thing

Do That One Thing

Every morning since March 1, Max Nachamkin and I have been calling each other at 7:30am for a 5-10 minute check-in meeting.

During that meeting we give each other a brief update from the previous day and then decide what ONE thing is going to move our businesses forward the most today.

The absolute highest impact, highest priority thing we could do today.

Then we get off the phone and jump directly into doing that one thing.

I can’t even explain how important this has been for the both of us.

Every day we show up, even when we don’t want to. Every day we make a commitment to each other. Every day we share our wins and key takeaways from the previous day. Every day we share where we are getting stuck.

Today I told him I was feeling really tired and a piece of me really wanted to go back to bed.

He goes, “Have you ever been hung over at a corporate job before?”

I chuckled and immediately felt better. Sometimes it just takes one question to shift us back into that place of bliss. One question to take us from a place of fear to a place of love. From a place of resentment to a place of appreciation.

A couple weeks ago I had failed to do my one thing several days in a row. It carried over to the second and third day without being done.

Max then finally said, “Fine, I’m going to give you the silent treatment until you finish that one thing, OK?” Then we got off the phone. I did that one thing right after that call.

One thing.

One thing.

That’s it. One thing.

What’s yours today?


PS – If you can’t think of anything, I have one thing for you. Sign up for The Conference For Men.

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