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Fuck You Spiritual People

Fuck You Spiritual People For Using Gratitude As A Bypass To Your Anger

Note: This post first appeared on my Facebook page. Join in on the fun here! Liz and I just played a game after breakfast. I like playing games. It’s my… Read On


How I Just Handled A Price Objection

Potential_Client_Name, Thanks for the truth. Now we’re really getting somewhere. See how much deeper we can go when we just both keep telling the truth? I don’t work by the… Read On

Do That One Thing

Do That One Thing

Every morning since March 1, Max Nachamkin and I have been calling each other at 7:30am for a 5-10 minute check-in meeting. During that meeting we give each other a brief update… Read On


Your First Sale

There’s something about your first sale that you’ll never forget. I remember the first time a client actually PAID me for my coaching services. Hard to believe that it was… Read On

How I Built My Coaching Business

How I Built A Thriving Coaching Business In Less Than A Year

The one question I regularly get asked from clients, colleagues, and friends is: “How did you build your coaching practice so fast?” It doesn’t seem that fast to me, but… Read On