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The Magic Bullet To Doubling Your Productivity And Accessing Peak Bliss States

The Magic Bullet To Doubling Your Productivity And Accessing Peak Bliss States

You were looking for a magic bullet?

Wrong blog my friend. But here’s some advice that I’m giving myself today that you can feel free to listen to if it resonates with you.

Yo… chill out on the personal development stuff for a while.

You’re burning out. And so are a bunch of your friends. You can feel it in the air.

Take a nap… or four. You slept fifteen hours yesterday. You needed it.

Play a little bit. Wait, play a lot of bit.

Go outside. Put your feet in the grass. Let your stresses and to-do lists melt off your body and feel the ever constant support of the Earth.

Watch Key & Peele or It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia until your sides hurt.

Then get back to work when you feel like a human being again.

Rest, Play, Rest, Play, Rest, Play.

An engine can only redline for so long before it malfunctions.


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  • Sherry

    This is absolutely perfect. I get so tired of the messages that insist we must do more more more. I just had a 4 day weekend and did LESS instead and it was just what my brain and soul needed!

  • David Bederman

    Yes Mike…YES!!!! So amazing! If we could all just learn to be gentle on ourselves, to stop pushing ourselves so hard and just slooowww down and get more rest, we would show up so much more powerfully in the world.

    The greatest lesson I learned this year was the power of slowing down and being present. That in turn gave me permission to sleep the 8 hours I need every day, regardless of if I have to sleep in a little longer in the morning. The results have been HUGE!
    Thanks Mike. You just gave a ton of us permission to start living again :)

  • Juan Orellana

    Hey Mike… this is so spot on. I’ve felt burdened with all the stuff I want to work on myself that I can’t achieve much or don’t get anything done. Things like reading or finishing the books I want, modify my sleep habits, grow my knowlegde on online business.

    I feel overwhelmed at times that I don’t want to do anything and just chill out.

    Thanks for short but powerful post. I needed it.

  • Alan

    Great post Mike, I want to do less. And you have just pointed out a way to do that. Just go outside and do what we used to do as kids. Awesome. Think I will go for a walk.

  • Melissa Maris

    It’s funny how many times we need this reminder, isn’t it? It just occurred to me the other day that I’ve accrued a serious play deficit. No bueno.

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